Trump castigates Supreme Court, Barr as election challenges sputter – Daily Market News

Trump castigates Supreme Court, Barr as election challenges sputter – Daily Market News

Hemato Oncology Testing Market Global Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Growth, Opportunities and Market Forecast 2020 to 2027 No trade restrictions between Canada and the U.S. TSN: Pierre LeBrun said that there are no trade restrictions between Canadian and American teams for the upcoming season.“Yes, a player traded from a U.S. team to a Canadian team will be subject t

Social networks don’t get much bigger than Facebook with millions connecting every hour through desktop computers, but even more with mobile devices today.

As trade relations with China decline and the COVID-19 recession takes its toll, producers are urging Australians to alter their Christmas lunch menus. Brexit: Boris ‘red wall’ to be hardest hit by job losses from no-deal and Covid pandemic | UK | News

File photo: US President Donald Trump delivers an address from the Rose Garden at the White House, in Washington on November 13, 2020 Reuters

Trump has alleged widespread election fraud without evidence, while Biden has proceeded to plan his administration

President Donald Trump lambasted the Supreme Court on Saturday for declining to take a case he hoped would overturn President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory and called Attorney General William Barr a “disappointment.”

The nation’s high court late on Friday rejected an unprecedented lawsuit by Texas seeking to throw out voting results from four states.

The decision comes ahead of a meeting by the US Electoral College on Monday to make Biden’s victory official.

Trump, a Republican, has refused to concede despite losing to Biden. The Democratic former vice president won 306 votes to Trump’s 232 in the state-by-state Electoral College, which allows votes to all 50 states and the District of Columbia based on population.


“The Supreme Court had ZERO interest in the merits of the greatest voter fraud ever perpetrated on the United States of America,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday morning, calling the decision a “disgraceful miscarriage of justice.”

Trump has alleged widespread election fraud without evidence, while Biden has proceeded to plan his administration, appointing senior advisers and making cabinet picks despite the president’s efforts to undermine his legitimacy.

Trump had touted the Texas case as a potential game changer in his efforts to overturn the election result and openly called on the Supreme Court and state legislators to help. More than 100 Congressional Republicans and 17 states signed onto the lawsuit.

But in brief order, the court said Texas did not have legal standing to bring the case. The three justices nominated by Trump – Amy Coney Barrett, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – signed on to the order without comment.

The Trump campaign and its allies have filed dozens of lawsuits challenging the vote count in numerous states, but state and federal judges have rejected almost everyone. 

Trump has shown little interest in giving up despite the repeated court defeats, writing on Twitter on Saturday, “WE HAVE JUST BEGUN TO FIGHT!!!”

Wisconsin suit shot down

On Saturday in Wisconsin alone, Trump lost a federal lawsuit even as sceptical state Supreme Court justices grilled one of his lawyers in another case.

US District Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump appointee, threw out what he described as the president’s “extraordinary” effort to overturn the state’s results in his favour.

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“Plaintiff asks that ‘the Rule of Law be followed,’” the judge wrote. “It has been.”

Meanwhile, a Trump campaign lawyer, Jim Troupis, faced tough questions from members of the state’s high court over a separate effort to invalidate the results in two Wisconsin counties, Dane and Milwaukee.

“This lawsuit, Mr Troupis, smacks of racism,” Judge Jill Karofsky said during the hearing, noting that both counties are heavily urban, ethnically diverse and Democratic.

The president also lashed out at his attorney general on Twitter after the Wall Street Journal reported that Barr knew earlier this year about an investigation into Biden’s son Hunter’s taxes.

In a statement released by the president-elect’s transition team, Hunter Biden said on Wednesday that the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware was investigating his tax affairs, which he said he had handled “legally and appropriately.”

Trump retweeted a comment from radio host Todd Starnes saying Barr should be fired. “A big disappointment!” Trump said in his tweet.

Barr’s fate in the waning days of the Trump administration has been in question since he said last week that a Justice Department investigation had found no sign of major fraud in the November election, contradicting Trump’s false claims.

Conservative groups supporting Trump rallied in Washington and elsewhere around the nation on Saturday to press the issue.

After spending the morning tweeting, Trump left for West Point, New York, to attend the Army-Navy football game, flying over cheering demonstrators in the Marine One helicopter on his way to Joint Base Andrews.

Biden was spending the day in Delaware, his home state, where he has been planning his transition. He attended church in the afternoon, wearing a protective boot on the foot he fractured recently while playing with one of his dogs.

In a Twitter post, the president-elect heralded Saturday’s anniversary of the adoption of the Paris climate accord. Trump withdrew the United States from the agreement, but Biden has vowed to reverse that move.

“Five years ago today, the world gathered to adopt the Paris Agreement on climate change. And in 39 days, the United States is going to rejoin it,” Biden wrote on Twitter. “We’re going to rally the world to push our progress further and faster and tackle the climate crisis head-on.”

Biden has identified recovering from the coronavirus pandemic, reviving the economy, and fighting climate change as key priorities once he takes office. 


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NHL Notes: No Country Trade Restrictions, Olympics, and Forbes Valuations

NHL Notes: No Country Trade Restrictions, Olympics, and Forbes Valuations

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said that there are no trade restrictions between Canadian and American teams for the upcoming season.

“Yes, a player traded from a U.S. team to a Canadian team will be subject to whatever quarantine regulations are in that state or that province. But the league and the PA don’t have any plans to limit trades via the border.”

TSN: Though nothing has been made official yet, if the NHL goes to the Olympics in 2022, Doug Armstrong will be the GM of Team Canada according to Pierre LeBrun. It’s not a guarantee that the NHL will be going to the next Olympics as they still need to work out a deal with the IOC.

Darren Dreger adds that Ken Holland and Ron Francis will be working with Armstrong and that they’d already had some conference calls.

Seravalli notes that USA Hockey has only had very minimal discussions. Talks on who their GM maybe won’t happen until there is an agreement between the NHL and IOC. Candidates could include Jeff Gorton, Chris Drury, Bill Guerin and Ray Shero. Senior advisers candidate could include David Poile, Don Waddell and Barry Zito.

Forbes: 2020 NHL team values by Forbes. Average team values dropped to $653 million, down 2 percent from last year.

Revenue dropped 14 percent for the 2019-20 season to $4.4 million, with operating income falling 68 percent to $250 million.

The New York Rangers, Toronto Maple Leafs, Montreal Canadiens, Chicago Blackhawks and the Boston Bruins accounted for nearly a quarter of the NHL’s revenue last year.


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Is Facebook down? Problems

Is Facebook down? Problems

Social networks don’t get much bigger than Facebook with millions connecting every hour through desktop computers, but even more with mobile devices today. When you run into problems, it’s natural to ask is Facebook down? Normally, outages for this network are short lived.

Common issues with Facebook include bugs after the sign in, which include a complete white page due to server problems. If the Facebook servers are not down right now, then any glitches could be due to your own network or web browser.


Is Facebook down today? Status update for Sunday December 13, 2020? Share your problems with the Product Reviews community to gain help, or reply to others and find out about outages in different countries. When a massive outage takes place, it will be evident below.

We will update this page when official statements are left by Facebook in regard to major downtime, or planned maintenance.

What in hell is wrong with Facebook? For a few days now when I log on it seems ok. But, then when I click to play a game I get the message must log in to continue. It is about time someone got on the ball and fixed it!

One day ago able to upload a few photos and then, the upload photos page crashes.


Is anyone having problems printing shipping labels for marketplace or is it just me?

Me too. I’m trying to post in a group. Words will post–photos will not. I am so sick of this — I wish something else would come along and take all the business away from FB b/c they’ve gotten too big for their britches. They change things all the time when it is working just fine. The other day I was able to just show “unread messages” and now those three buttons are gone and I can just click “show all messages read” again.

This is what I get: “Something went wrong. we’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.” This happens in THREE different browsers, Safari, Chrome and Firefox…I cannot post photos on my home page or in a group…It is not my computer and, as I said, it happens on three different browsers. I can post a photo using my iPhone but not with any browser on my laptop…PS: This never happened when I had the old FB…

for 24 hours or so everytime i try to post something i get the error message “something went wron.we are working on fixing it as soon as we can” ?

Me too…This is what I get: “Something went wrong. we’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.” This happens in THREE different browsers, Safari, Chrome and Firefox…I cannot post photos on my home page or in a group…It is not my computer and, as I said, it happens on three different browsers. I can post a photo using my iPhone but not with any browser on my laptop…PS: This never happened when I had the old FB…

Nothing loads on Facebook when using desktop version since they did the big update. This is really frustrating because my job involves marketing for Realtors and Mortgage Loan Officers and that includes Facebook. SMH. Go back to the old version!

Why in the hell can’t I upload a simple jpg photo? I click upload and absolutely NOTHING happens. Why no one just blows up every facebook office in the world is beyond me. The Ku Klux Klan can threaten people, communicate with others to kill people, lie their asses off, spew hate speech no stop and nothing happens to them. NOTHING. But I try to upload a photo and your damn site refuses to do anything. What a mess.

What does the KKK have anything to do with you uploading a JPG Photo? Little extreme

Just to make my previous post clear, this is happening on my laptop. I can post photos from my IPad just fine. I have Windows 10 and it’s updated.

Same here. Ipad and Iphone load no issues. Laptop sucks

Same here…exact same problem. I cannot post a photo using three different browsers but I can with my iPhone or iPad…

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one having issues. Ever since that hellish New Facebook was foisted on us, it takes forever to load photos. For the past two weeks now, I have not been able to post a photo on my timeline nor share one in messenger. When I try I get “this page is unresponsive, blah blah” and then a snap error. I can change my cover photo, but not post pictures. And when I make comments on someone else’s post, they don’t show up for quite awhile and then show up multiple times. I post my photos so my friends can see them and some of them buy my photos. This is causing me a lot of grief. The last time I was able to post a photo was on Dec. 25. I’ve tried everything 🙁

Dec. 25??? Do you mean last year?

I recorded a FB live this morning, saved it and it loaded in my feed. I later went to edit the post details to explain what the LIVE was about, it saved, but the post is not reflecting the edits I made to my post at all. The changes DO show up in my Edit History, but NOT in the actual post.

I am having the same problem!! I don’t get it, and you are the only one I’ve seen having the same issues!

I haven’t been able to load for 12 hours, and the last few days at least it’s taken forever to load anything.

I have a group I post to every night. FB this whole week was so slow I thought I’d lose my mind, but talked myself into believing it had to be the Internet. So, I called the woman trying to help the “b” word bc she kept talking over me and said it was the pandemic! Now I see that it’s FB. I’m also tired of people using the pandemic for EVERYTHING that is wrong. Many things, yes, not everything.

So for the last few days I can’t tag anybody. I’ll type the name to tag and as soon as I tap the spacebar to continue writing the blue highlight that indicates the person being tagged disappears. I’ve tried it with the @ and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I’ve restarted my phone. Still happening. My girlfriend’s Facebook app is working just fine with tagging people. I can’t tell you how frustrated I am that I cannot find one single solitary incident or mention of this problem on Google… really hard to believe on the soul person and the entire world with this problem on Facebook

I’m having the saming freaking problem!! I have no idea how to fix it!

Messenger has been giving me some problems for the past couple of days- actually since the new update. Sometimes you cannot attach images to it. I constantly need to refresh/reload the page in order to see new messages/sometimes my messages wont send and I need to refresh the page again then I’ll need to retype it all over and try sending it again. When I try to search for a specific message inside messenger the “search” option won’t show and I need to close fb tab and reopen it then try using the search option again.

no albums (mine or anyone elses under albums) appear in group! trying to make buy/sell album, it appears under albums, but does not show up in group. I looked..and no albums are in group anymore, just individual pics/posts and some shared posts..but no albums. wasted 1/1/2 hours making albums in about 8 groups and none show up!

Cannot post to groups as it makes the page freeze, have tried three different browsers all freeze.

Notifications panel won’t load.

same here, and when they do load ( i use a laptop )i get notification from 18/20/10/8 hours ago, and only for a few people, new ones just vanish. there seems no ability to get notifications in chronological order, very very annoying and i’ve no idea how to remedy it

The scheduled posts are not visible. I schedule a post and it disappears. It still posts on the scheduled day and time but I cannot edit it beforehand or see my schedule of posts.

on the new facebook (which i hate) if you click members, then scroll down the page that appears, about 4 “groups” down is unavailable. you can delete from there. (you can click the name, but no profile pops up..but you can delete from there.

I can’t sign in to my FB phone app since yesterday. It keeps saying I’m not connected to the internet, which I am connected.

The new Facebook interface for PC just repulses users familiar with the one in place for years. Is it simply subservient to smartphone users henceforth, and that’s that??

Unable to scroll through more than a page.

The “Edit Post” option no longer shows when I click on …

Yes …I cannot edit a comment I made on Facebook today ….yikes

I keep getting the “redirecting to Facebook message ” flashing in top left corner of my laptop. Re-booting doesn’t fix the problem.

I am no longer able to view public posts. This happened right after installing a software update on my phone

On November 1st, I was on the app and it force logged me out stating the login in session had expired. I have been getting error message and not able to log on through the fb app since then. I can log on through the browser just fine. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app. I have reset the privacy location. I have reset the network. I did a hard reset on my phone. I updated the app when the updates became available. I even did the 14.2 ios update. Still nothing. I goggled it and I see hundreds of people have the same issue. It’s such a bummer.

Same!!! I updated iOS 14 and now it says error everytime!!

Where are the answers to these problems?

I get a box that tells me to log in. Two choices: log in or cancel. Both do nothing but bring me back to the same screen.

I can’t login on my desktop. The login buttons keep flashing onscreen and then won’t let me enter my login info.

I log in on my phone. I can get to my page and can only post a comment but can’t upload any photos. The options for uploading pics are not there. If I click on my icon it goes to a page that says Connection Error, Try Again. I was on Chrome and a google search said youn need flash player to upload pics but adobe flash doesn’t work on Chrome. SO I tried Firefox’s latest monstrosity and it does exactly the same as on Chrome even with flash.

I can see groups and comments and post a comment to my own page and nothing else.

me too …same problem as Kathy I can’t log in with laptop but I can on my cell

Same here on a PC but I log in on my phone

I’m having the same problem

i can only get facebook for business when trying to reach my facebook page- any help out there?

mine gives a white page on 3 major browsers

candy crush sage will not open

Gameroom’s dead … What’s up?

The issue have been having, probably starting about 5 months ago (I recently re-activated my Facebook account-which I thought I had deleted, but they don’t ever delete it I found out- at the beginning of the pandemic in March) happened every once in a while, but now goes on every day is that I only get around the same 6-8 people on my news feed, a bunch of ads (of course), then, after hardly scrolling through it I get the “Something Went Wrong” thing that has that bunk little cartoon guy trying to twist a wrench. I don’t know what the hell is going on with that. I tried searching the internet for solutions and have come up empty. I think I’ll just quit Facebook again if something doesn’t change this problem. So annoying.

Updated image and text to pinned announcement on the 3rd, one of the images and attached text have disappeared, just loaded them again, disappeared again, so frustrating.

The “Watch” section is not loading…just a blank white page.

Any one else having issues with news feed, for about a year it will only let me see the posts of the same 6 people over and over, if i snooze those people it takes about a week to update then will just let me see a different 6 people, ive complained hundreds of times to facebook but never had a response to them

I’m having the same issue, probably for the last 5 months (I recently re-activated my Facebook account-which I thought I had deleted, but they don’t ever delete it I found out- at the beginning of the pandemic in March). I only get around 6-8 people on my news feed, a bunch of ads, the after hardly scrolling through it I get the “Something Went Wrong” thing that has that bunk little cartoon guy trying to twist a wrench. I don’t know what the hell is going on with that. I tried searching the internet for solutions and have come up empty. I think I’ll just quit Facebook again if something doesn’t change this problem. So annoying.

That is what I am wondering too…

Facebook is taking like forever to load a page ! I thought my internet speed is worse than a dial up speed lol.

Has anyone noticed Facebook being particularly sluggish Saturday (10/31/2020)? I half to refresh the page every half hour, and when typing most anything, comments, replies, the keys get sticky and text has to catch up to itself, pictures load very slowly and flipping through albums even is slow, till I reload, it’s good for a while, then goes slow again, and so on and on…

Cannot get into certain groups from ANY browser or ANY computer. This is irritating since I run a group for my company. I can only access it on a cell phone or tablet. This has been going on for MONTHS. FIX IT. This is nonsense that it is taking this long!

I keep getting your browser is not compatible with facebook. Firefox (it’s up to date), isn’t compatible? Plus, reading something on FB, whether a friends post or replies, FB jumps up to the top of the page. Let’s face it: the FB team who designed this ‘improved’ version, failed, biggly.

I have the same problem and have had for days. I ended up downloading Firefox and it works, with the horrible new layout.

Good, Jaritah. I have up to date Firefox and still have the problem. Will FB tech ever listen to those who have problems? Probably not.

I HATE NEW FACEBOOK. Return us to classic please. Otherwise I will not use it. PERIOD.

Mine now freezers and have to restart my tablet or it’s jumpy and who knows where Facebook will take me. All other apps and web pages are fine just Facebook, getting over it. Hardly go onto Facebook any more do to this. My partner is finding some of the same issues on his laptop….Too many glitches now, either fix it or go back to the previous classic.

Keep getting FB notifications about Oct 1 2020 at least once a day. Can’t delete them like other notifications either what the heck. October is almost over – enough with these notifications.

They are total control freaks. That was pissing me off too. I told them to bugger off about a week ago and have never been happier. Everyone needs to leave.

It says I am banned for 7 days and won’t tell me why. When I go through the notifications it then says something went wrong. Is this happening to everyone?

When I load my company’s FB page I get a blank screen and a message that says “Unable to Load Page”, I’ve sent numerous messages, but no one replies from Facebook. THEY SUCK ASS!

I just started to advertise on FB. Now my page won’t load except for in Classic format. Everyone else can see the page, but I can’t see it unless I log out and view it as a anonymous user. As soon as I start to spend money I have problems. Should have spent my money with Pinterest. At least you get to speak to a live person. There is absolutely ZERO support for businesses with FB. They don’t care. Too big.

The notifications, newsfeed and messengers buttons not working.can’t do drop down lists. On iPad

Anyone having problems with unresponsive status bar? Can’t activate drop down menu, messenger etc. Just nothing happening. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Using iPad.

Yes! Mines not working I can use the search function that’s it! Fine on iPhone but not iPad, it’s gen 3 iPad Air so definitely not an issue with my iPad

Same problem. Also using iPad (Air3). Just pleased to see others are experiencing the same problem, so it’s a FB issue, not hardware.

I hate Facebook User Interface. It so ugly.

Recently started getting FB notifications for changes starting OCT 1st 2020 – Um ok it’s past the 15th so why keep notifying me, can’t delete them like other notifications either.

Since the page layout update -Liked pages don’t show up on the list of “Pages you like or follow” but do show up as I like the page if I go to the individual page itself. Hard to remember every page – isn’t that what the list is for but it’s not working.


Same here. Never had the amount of problems I have now until I was forced to use the new format. It freezes, does not respond to sharing, commenting etc. total disaster.

I haven’t been able to post my GIF’s for about a week it just says posting and going no where. I had no problems before and sent something to Facebook with a screen shot

Third night I have spent hours trying to post 4 videos. Done. Until the release something that actually works with easy to understand instructions, I’ll be using another platform. Nothing works, no explanations. Maybe they want it to fail???

I’ve been having same problem but was able to do it on 10/3/20 now can’t

Videos won’t work using safari browser with fb all of a sudden

I’m not getting notifications of comments on my posts. 2nd day in a row.

Why can’t FB let us know when they are having issues? Guess I’ll go to POGO to play games. Never had any problems with them. Bah, humbug!!!!!!!!!!!

I have the same problem, not working on my IPhone, IPad or Laptop.

Since creating a new business page I no longer receive Facebook notifications. I have submitted a number of help requests over the last several days and still luck. Facebook is loosing money, because until my notifications are fixed I will not spend another penny on advertising.

I am having this issue as well!

Facebook won’t let me make changes in the tab order on my business page, or integrate a 3rd party app for email signup. I am using my laptop, not mobile.

Facebook Gameroom is completely gone. There isn’t even an option to install it. It stopped working for me, so I uninstalled it. Now I can’t get it back.


I went to go into Gameroom and it takes me to Facebook instant games. It was working fine yesterday, now all of a sudden it’s gone….

all games on facebook gameroom were all unavailable. I still have the app installed but completely useless at this time.

My “liked pages” won’t load.

I cannot post any responses to any post.

When I went to my friends profile it was only showing mutual friends and not mutual and all, and they did not block me from seeing it. Went back and it was changed.

I have been having a problem for several days with scrolling getting stuck both in Firefox and Chrome. I have deleted the cache and restarted, but it has not helped. It is happening on both my laptop and tablet.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S 9 Plus. I can access Facebook on my phone but not the admin button on the groups that I run. Literally I have 3 groups and when I click on the shield button in the upper right hand side, I get nothing. I use my phone more than my iPad and need to admin my own groups. I halve zero issues on the iPad so I knows it is an android/Samsung issue.

10/17/20 works in chrome but not Safari or Firefox. On a 2011 Mac.

Facebook won’t load. Mac and Firefox. Also tried Safari..same result.

I have yet to figure out why I don’t get notifications but from a select few since the new facebook. I can’t even figure out where to go to see if notifications is even turned on for all of my friends. I really hate the new look so haven’t posted anything since the middle of September. Why can’t they just let us chose which format we want to use.

I keep getting requests to review games and it won’t let me play any of them. I don’t want to review any games, I just want to play!

Are you trying to play on Gameroom? My Gameroom just completely disappeared and I can’t even find the install page anymore. It’s just completely gone.

I am happy that I am not the only one experiencing challenges with Facebook

As I was sure that Facebook blocked me or deleted my account

There is some internal affairs in my country and I might have said some hateful things which could be the reason I was kicked out

At the same time I am holding my breath as how long will this problem persist as Facebook is my life

I have friends who are more like family to me around the world and in different time zones

Without Facebook I feel I am prisoned in a world which should only exist in history books.

Can anyone tell me what is actually going on, why is no media house reporting about this issue

What should I do.

You have to make the request to FACEBOOK itself to keep the classic look, not here. Get on new ugly Facebook and in upper right corner there is a little blue triangle. Click on that and a drop down menu appears. Select “feedback” and go in and select anything (I usually do several different areas) and LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU FEEL ! Join the petition effort and spread the word.

Chrome and Facebook have not interacted well for days now – several games will not open properly – they work fine on Firefox – what is the problem?

no more dark mode and new Facebook will not work anymore, pc and android

My home icon has disappeared from Facebook, have all the others, newsfeed etc…how do I get it back…..still showing when I open on iPhone…thanks

FB won’t load for me on Firefox. Just the top nave bar and buttons, but the buttons aren’t active. Works okay on Chrome, though.

I switched to the “new layout” for facebook and it’s not loading at all right now. 10/9/2020

Some reasons Facebook screwed up so badly with me that it posted in RV ad in Sacramento California. when I actually in aurburndale Florida every time I log in it says session ended to sign in.. Anywhere between 2 and 10 seconds .

I havent been able to load FB pages or games for 2 days now on CHrome – works fine on Firefox what seems to be the problem?

Been having this same problem for days! I get the “something went wrong message” with a blue man and a wrench icon.

So is it working today

This is only happening today and right now

I need to know that everything will be okay or how to fix it

I have 5 different browsers as none of them seem to be working

Unable to log in at all. Nothing, just a blank page. What’s up?

Pages I have “Liked” don’t show up in the Liked pages section but going to the individual page it’s still checked off as I like the page.

I see two – five posts then an icon of tools and it tells me they might be experiencing problems I should reload. Then I get exactly what I just had. I am missing a TON of posts.

I’m having the same issue, but only on my PC. The phone app seems to be working normal.

Mine has been doing this for days.

Facebook is really slow today – what’s wrong ?

Having problems with Facebook mobile app not able to login or create a new account says that there was a problem or an error but no resolution or options

Why would you be creating a new account – Sergio? because you are a bot? a troll? Give it up.

When I try to search a person place or group it will not let me. Says only can see who you are friends with. Never been like that before. How do I change it?

Ever since i created a business page the other day ive had nothing but problems. When im checking my notifications, i can view for a few minutes or less then i get Internal Error, clicking on ok does nothing, box will not disapper from screen which is a whitish gray. I have to X out and come back in each and every time. Now im trying to upload info off my desktop to pin to my post and thats not working for me. I reported the issue yesterday but i dont know if anything is going to be done about it. The new facebook sucks, i want the old one back.


When the new facebook was introduced everything turn slow AF and it doesn’t have any [pending post] view & notifications.

Several albums missing and When I go to memories it says I updated my status but there’s nothing there to click on and I can’t delete it either

Why is facebook so slow? I can only see a handful of posts. When I click on notifications, I only see the edge of each one. I can’t use a GIF on anybodys posts. I cannot watch anything live. All since the new facebook web page started

My problem started with the update as well

Facebook snooze/unfollow feature has broken. And my feed is getting filled with all the hateful political nonsense the “Friends” i have put on snooze/unfollow keep posting!

My old account stopped dead in its tracks hours before the Debate Wednesday night. I couldn’t comment, report trouble, and log into my account. And I live in New Hampshire. And I have lost contact with over 100 of my friends.

I can get into the old Facebook but not the old Facebook Marketplace-this just happened this morning

wait so facebook gameroom is gone for good?

Every time I try to react to a post on my timeline, it doesn’t stick.

It’s been nearly a week for me and the new FB is finally causing problems. I am fine via mobile devices but the second I get onto my laptop, no Facebook access. Hard to post your photography from an iPad. Clearly FB has a problem. My husband lives in the same house and doesn’t even HAVE the new version. Make sense with that?

What is gong on with the Facebook Business page?

Wish I knew, been trying to report this problem a week now.

Is anyone having issues with Facebook Gameroom? For the past two days, it won’t load properly. (9/27/20)

I hate the new facebook so far and want to use the old one again!!!

I am a hobbyist photographer and have a photo page, haven’t been able to upload since the new FB took over and now I can’t get Facebook to load.

Half my pictures are missing completely

new (sept. 2020) facebook is SLOOOOW! I thought it was just Firefox, switched to Chrome then to Edge… same issue! restart browser, after some minutes FB, clicking things get really laggy… same thing with some of my relatives. anyone else?

Yup, I have to log in an average of two times before the white screen of death stops, and then it still takes several minutes for everything to load and unfreeze. Just have to wait it out knowing ya can’t do squot until it’s done loading. Reminds me of the days of dialup!

This new version of FB which will be the only version available after this month will finally drive me from the platform. It is soooooo slooooow. I hate it and love it for cutting my FB addiction.

In the past few days all of a sudden loads of my FB friends are not showing any last active time on their chat status. I understand it can be turned off but it happenec really for about 20 or more people who I talk to all the time. Some others are showing minutes, some showing a few hours, some even showing 17 hrs…. then there’s these

I have noticed the same thing. Wasn’t sure if it was connected to the new ios 14 update or not

Page I manage not loading on Safari or Chrome mainly at night on mac. Or loads after about 10 minutes. Just started doing this when they began the new look. Never happened before. Usually loads early in the day. Works fine on my phone.


I keep getting the “something went wrong” message on my newsfeed all the time everyday. Can’t scroll very far and the message appears. Today it appears right away. Can’t use the newsfeed at all.

The “Most Recent” feed has been a mess since last night. Everything is in a random order, no chronology whatsoever, and after I scroll back a few hours the content just ends. On the bright side, this will make it a lot easier to wean myself off of the platform.

It’s constantly making my work computer and home laptop freeze up to the point I have to force it to close. It’s over boggy now. I am not going to spend thousands of dollars on new laptops and main computers to get on….. it was NEVER like this before you put this new layout on…… what is the problem……….. fix it!

Facebook is limiting the number of newsfeed posts until I add more friends. I don’t want more friends. I have tried all the usual troubleshooting. This has been happening for 2-3 days now. (9-22-2020)

On a Page (not my profile)

I’ve had the new computer layout forced on me. With the old layout, under Publishing Tools I could access Published and Scheduled posts. I now cannot see the published posts or any details (engagement, likes, reach, etc) and I cannot see the scheduled posts (scheduled for the future), which means I cannot edit them. This is extremely problematic.

When in a group – I go to the “recent media” to see the most recent posts. The old FB had no issue showing the image AND who posted it and any comments. The new FB shows the image – but the rest is blank! It’s not my computer – because I have no issues seeing the image and creator and comments in the OLDER version! Come on FB – catch up.

mine keeps switching between the new crap layout and the old layout that worked fine as I go through the notifications from last night.

My page won’t load, just get the circle going around endlessly.

As a non-facebooker I used to be able to view public pages. Now all I get is “You must log in to continue” and I can see nothing.

Anybody know what is going on?

I’ve lost the ability to format text in a group. Anyone else having this problem?

i cant post on facebook on my tablet? is it android although pc seems ok

What’s wrong? I can’t access much.

Most of the games I play will not load…just a white screen.

FACEBOOK games will not load…..blank white screen.

FB homepage is fine, can go into my group for game but game apps are white screen. Funny thing though is its only 2 of my 3 apps I play. Bubble witch 2 i can play fine loads perfectly but white screen for Family Farm, and Lord of the Board backgammon.Have sent 2 not working properly reports to FB. Hope its fixed soon!

White screen with nothing loading using Opera, Chrome and Vivaldi…

White screen of death on Facebook again. Nothing will load.

“New” FB dumped more than a dozen recent posts, just made them vanish into thin air. I tried again and the post just disappeared, poof! Since I went back to Classic FB, I’ve heard from a number of friends who are having a whole range of other issues. Neither I nor my friends have any idea of how to solve the problems and FB has been completely unresponsive. Wish they’d debugged the new version before they foisted it on us. It’s not fit for use.

up now in the NW burb of chicago…..

I have tried all solutions listed for “white screen of death” none work no matter what browser I tried. Facebook is a white screen. Been like this for about an hour or so.

It opens up my page, then I get a black screen that says:

Sorry! Something went wrong 🙁

facebook works perfectly on my cell phone app. Desktop I only get blank screen. one time for about 2 seconds I got the logon screen, then that blanked out. I am on a windows 10 machine. I tried firefox, chrome, and edge. I also tried them all in private mode. Nothing!

Most of my page is blank. I’m in Philly.

me too. cell phone app works, desktop does not, got message something happened, then facebook wont load, just blank screen too

I wish every single person that is on FB would close out their account at one time. Wonder how they would work with that?

All of my friends disappeared on the new format and I can’t get them back. Even when they send a Friend Request, still nothing, nor do I see any of their posts. It’s as if somebody has done a major hack job, but I think it’s the screwup from all the FB “wizards” LOL I think I may end up just closing out my account and maybe later open another one. The present one is totally screwed.

I tried posting a GIF from my computer to Facebook and when I hit post the post keeps going around and won’t post it. I was able to post GIFs a couple days ago

Yesterday, I created albums on the pages I admin, and were able to add photos to those albums. Today, those albums are EMPTY, NO PHOTOS in them – Facebook MOVED all those photos to my TIMELINE!! As of today I am unable to edit albums, add more photos or move photos around. Logged out, cleared cache, logged in again, tried 3 different browsers and my Android phone – NOTHING WORKS!!!! Facebook broke their albums!!!

I am missing several albums and photos

This is happening to me today.

No I have submitted numerous reports but still I cannot see businesses pages, more specifically ones I didn’t create but that I am and ADMIN or EDITOR ON.

Yes, I can’t post photos to my business pages ever since the crappy new format. Any one else having this problem? Photos post to personal page but not the business pages.

I have the same problem. Yesterday, I created albums on the pages I admin, and were able to add photos to those albums. Today, those albums are EMPTY, NO PHOTOS in them – Facebook MOVED all those photos to my TIMELINE!! As of today I am unable to edit albums, add more photos or move photos around. Logged out, cleared cache, logged in again, tried 3 different browsers and my Android phone – NOTHING WORKS!!!! Facebook broke their albums!!!

I am not able to post to my group. I just get a blank tio and can’t see the cover photo or be able to post.

Yes, I post photos and they disappear. So frustrating! You’d think FB would have enough problems retaining users without adding a useless new version to the list.

It’s been super slow for months, and refuses to load anything on my computer for the last day. It works fine on my phone, though.

I am having troubles with my page and video’s loading up!! I HATE THE NEW FACE BOOK, for us older people we learn to get around the site Only for them to change it up on us!! LEAVE IT ALONE!! I dont want changes made!!! Disgusted with Facebook…..

I can’t see ANY of the stuff I’ve posted, can’t see any of my FB’ers posts, or even my photos, or my friends list photo’s. I can’t see ANYTHING. Someone told me to uninstall it (windows 10), but am unable to do that, as their is NO uninstall listed.

I think the only thing left to do is close out the account (I know, you will lose LOTS of stuff) and open a new one. They REALLY screwed up royally this time and I doubt that there is any way to put everybody’s account back to normal.

Do not know if someone like my post when is this problem going to be fix….

Thousands of us have had out accounts disabled for no reason. check out the hashtag #facebookdisabledme on twitter. help us get out accounts back please

Is that why I’ve gotten “FB is down for maintenance please come back later” for about a week now?

My account was randomly disabled today idk why

I can’t get groups to load! I’ll go to a group and it will show the first 3 posts and that’s it.. been doing this for a week! So annoying!

I have problem with memories on facebook from while ,doesn’t show up!

It’s been FOUR days and all of a sudden I am locked out of FB! They’ve asked for everything from my marriage license to my first born?!?! What did I do?!?! You can’t call, email or contact, so what now?!!?!?! I’m 62 yeas old; what the hell is Facebook jail!?!?!?

After the newest FB app update, my messenger and profile icons on top right are missing. Anyone else?

I’ve not gotten any notifications for Facebook in 4 days.

It has been sooooooo sloooooooowwwwww!

Facebook is working but all my game apps on Facebook are not loading.

I have twice published a post to my Facebook Page today and it it appeared to load up to 100% but has not appeared

I have to go through the web browser to view Facebook!!! The app keeps crashing for a week

Can’t edit a draft post on business page (as admin). When the post is clicked…nothing.

We cannot edit draft posts on our business page admin mode.

Some of my photo albums are blank, no content, just the title I named the album.

FB groups wont load since many days

I cannot load FB properly and have not been able to for a week now. Page is huge, blows up to an unreadable size and nothing I’ve done –empty caches–empty cookies–disable new extensions even removed the two that could possibly be causing issues. I downloaded Firefox and it’s fine on FF but as a journalist have used Safari for 20+ years or more and am not changing browsers now. If it must be like this will close my FB account am happier on Twitter anyway.

Facebook will not fully load can’t access anything , nothing works ,new version sucks so far !!

Several weeks ago, I noticed whenever I would post a comment, at the bottom, a running script would show. For example, waiting for cache, processing request, etc. It just keeps running back and forth and then stops. This has never happened before. What is causing this as it is a pain.

I now have the new version of FB. My personal page loads fine but all my business pages wont load on my PC/desktop

I have Facebook 3 band pages. Normally, when I login it takes me to my landing page, and I then click on which of the 3 I want to go to. But yesterday and today, when I click on a band page, it blinks and takes me back to the landing page. I can’t access any of the pages to post updates, events, etc.

Im having the same issues, none of my business pages will load

Can’t post my status with videos and pictures today. Tried all day. Sent report to Facebook.

can’t post my activities/feelings, location of where I am at or open notifications. all my groups are gone and so are my photos. whatever happened with the update it messed up my iphone 5

Since the last app update a few days ago, my FB will not open on my iPad. I can see the logo opening page and then it reverts back to my home page and never opens the app.

Exactly the same for me too

The new FACEBOOK format is SO SLOW it’s nearly unusable!!!

(Wouldn’t be a all surprised if “this” only happens for FB-identified conservatives . . . .

Yo coocoo, put your foil hat down and quit the crazy talk.


No, racists aren’t the only ones facing problems, it is across the board.

Facebook is a map of terrorists. When it down, global terrorism will cease almost entirely is the blogs. Facts have stated that it is a secret map for The Casa Nostra and The IRA and is a secret scripted route for the selling of guns and transmission of weapons used to support global terrorism. The owner is the most dangerous person in the world. It’s true. he’s involved. Mark . . .

Facebook sent me a notification this morning that one of my posts violated community standards and “now only I can see it”. (I have no idea what they are talking about…..) After attempting to read that notification, I began having problems with my Facebook page on my laptop but no problems on my cell. Problems include: only my last 2 posts showing and inability to access Help, notifications and other things. Whats up with that?

Market place isnt loading

I can’t pull up any of my ‘liked’ pages…and half the time I am trying to access my business settings I can’t pull up that page either. Anyone else having this problem today?

I’m having the same issues. Plus it is no longer letting me post on my business page under my business name but using my personal page and posting to my business page as a 3rd party post. And I can’t find my business page news feed or edit button anymore either. This has me stressed out lol

The message “Something went wrong. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can” at least seems progress from two days of “An error occurred while listing your item Please try listing again later.” Hmmm. Grateful that my livelihood doesn’t depend on this, heartbreaking for those who do depend on it 🙁

Is there a way that we can go back to the old page before it was upgraded? The new page has slow typing and it takes forever to go in between pages.

My Marketplace icon is gone and I can’t even access the items I have listed.

it has been 2 days since my facebook had issues opening to any browser or computer that i used… it only works on my iphone.

When updating from App Store it now tells me I have to buy the app. What?

Having same issue as is my husband

Did not receive a code now for the 3rd day I have to wait 24 hours again

Please Facebook fix this. We are a small business and cannot respond to customers. So incredibly frustrating especially in these times.

I can’t share to my page and my notifications show but when I want to view them nothing comes up. I have had this going on since Tuesday! Is there any answers to these problems?

My newsfeed is not showing anything and hasn’t for days its frustrating


I can’t post any photos or videos. On my “pages” page you cannot see any notifications they never load.

Same problem. When I shared, Facebook said it was accomplished. But it wasn’t. Now all sharing is blocked, apparently. The question is this: Is Facebook censoring/blocking accounts, or were they INCREDIBLY incompetent by switching to this new format without — ya know — testing it out first?

For 2 days straight I’ve gotten a “this page isn’t working” notice. it happens on my business laptop and my home computer but my wife has no issue! old laptop at work…chromebooks at home…frustrating…any thoughts?

I can’t share anything , I can’t like anything and I can’t post anything . =(

This happened to me on Friday! I still haven’t been able to gain access. It’s so frustrating because there’s no way to find support without logging in. If you have any lucky please let me know!

I cannot download pictures anymore with the “new” Facebook! The “options” button is gone from the bottom of the pictures. In the “old” Facebook, the options button is still there, but it takes you to a full screen view that you can’t get out of. The back arrow takes you out of your wall scroll.

I cannot login into Facebook or Instagram?? Anyone knows why? I cannot find any information online.

Hey, FB solved? I have the same:-((

I can’t post videos today to Facebook. I attempted to upload one of the videos that I uploaded a couple of weeks and it would not work either.

My Facebook live would not go live this morning… just a black screen saying ‘waiting to go live’. Any suggestions as to why this might be happening?

This is the third day of receiving multiples of the same notifications. For instance, if a friend leaves a like or reaction under one of my posts, I keep getting a notification for that, over and over! Some of my friends are experiencing the same issue.

Facebook tells me I have 7 notifications. But when I click on the bell, they do not appear, no matter how long I wait. The same thing happens when I try to see all of my notifications. I have also noticed that only a portion of posts are appearing in my groups. Posts from previous days are not appearing. Both of these problems began yesterday.

I can’t get on facebook or the Groups I work in it was working fine this morning now it is just a white blank page.

I had to switch to the “New” Facebook format, there should be a drop down on the top right on your facebook screen. I’m on a laptop, when I switched, everything came back but in the new phone user friendly format.

None of the groups I belong to will load.

Been totally blocked out for hours at least. Can’t even create a new account.

Day 5 and no newsfeed on computer or phone.

I can switch older photos between albums, but not anything I posted within the last year. Is anyone else having this issue?

Newsfeed no updating for 4 days now. No on iPhone or windows 10.

I’ve been having the same problem for a couple of days. Does anyone know why this is happening?

For the last 4 days I have reported multiple times that there is a problem with newsfeed. They are either blank or only show the same ones then starts buffering, I’ve done all the usual clear cache, uninstall app, nothing wrong with internet as it won’t work on 4g either. Fb are ignoring the issues and not replying to the reports! I can see that I am not the only person with this issue so it’s fair to say the issue is at their end and needs fixing. Doesn’t matter what version I use either the problem is still there! When will FB fix this?

Same here! Worked for a few hours yesterday and then went back to not working. Submitted several help tickets with screenshots

i am unable to see my “news feed.” for the last five days “Something went wrong” message shows up. Same issue on iPhone, Laptop and Desktop. I restarted modem, router, FB software after logging out on each and every device and no change. I can see notifications and groups. Dozens of “report a problem” messages sent with no help or change to the problem. You would think that with this problem, they could just “go back” to a previous working version??

I can get onto Facebook but nothing in shows in my Firefox browser when i go there.. just the headers. I can go to my settings but that is all.. very strange. It shows notifications but the screen is blank??? This was all fine the other day!

My facebook shows I have 75 notifications. And when I log in I either have none or 3 to 4. What is going on with that?

While scrolling through my newsfeed (Top Stories and Most Recent) it will only load the feed so far. Is anyone else having this issue?

Yes I am too. Can’t get any direction on what to do.

I haven’t been able to access my FB marketplace account going on day 4. I have sent in multiple help requests, I get a screen that’s says it’s unavailable or I get a black screen that I have to close out FB to get out of.

Mine is doing the same thing except mine is now saying it deactivated

This has been happeneing more and more. I make a public reply to a public posting, and then anyone who replies to my orignal reply can’t be seen, it just fails to load them and I get that slow revolving ‘loading’ wheel. I can see replies to other comments just fine, but can’t see my own. Happens intermittently as well, not everytime. And entire reply sections to my older post just up and vanishing like a fart in a hurricane.

switched to the “new facebook” a couple weeks ago. sorry i did. i post text and it doesn’t show up. or i post text on my desktop but it only shows up on my mobile. grrrrrrrr.

my Facebook is locked up like I’m a fake account. I am as real as it gets. I had my page since 2007 and I have ton of friends, thousands of pics and post everyday. Why would it be flagged as fake. I’m so mad cuz I can’t get in. I sent proof of who I am and no response

Mine did the same set the info and they said my I’d did not match up to my name and account was deactivated so frustrating

Hope mine don’t do that. My name is Julie but I have Julz as my name on Facebook cuz my friend who her mom has same name so its eaSier to tell difference. I sent my ID to them5 days ago and have heard absolutely nothing back yet

For me the new update is gone and I only see posts from like 3 days ago.

Facebook is not loading or loading very slow on newsfeed, pages and even groups. Sunday 5th April, UK Kent.

Been so slow all day – won’t load

I am getting error messages on multiple messages that I am trying to send in Messenger. I have been able to send some but many I have not.

On my phone I can see my notifications but suddenly on my PC it says I have no new notifications. I’ve gone through and checked all my settings. This is frustrating

Me too, suddenly no notifications show with chrome windows 10

facebook is down it removed all your photos from your album including your profile picture

Today, March 31, 2020 all posts since Jan of this year have disappeared. Anyone else notice this on their business page?

I am experiencing identity issue rn on fb and I can’t log in? It turns error at the end of the procedures. What can I do? Send help

I am having the same issue

I am locked out too. They have my old phone number. Did the help center reply.

I need to update my new phone number to establish my identity. Facebook is requiring a Security Check.

Can’t do any sharing of the contests that I normally can do every day. Been over 2 hours and still can’t share.

I believe I accepted the offer of the “New Facebook” and that caused problems. Text shrunk to miniscule size, icons disappeared, whole layout squished into center and far left and right sides of the screen (i-Mac), lines of text overlaid on each other. Total disaster. Option to switch back to “Classic Facebook” doesn’t work.

FB ads same ad keeps on getting rejected. More than 3 hrs to get reviewed

Can post on my profile and share to other users but can’t post or share in groups

my messenger keeps logging me out just after i am trying to log into the app on my android.

I shared a live video but not long after it posted, it just disappeared.

Most recent won’t load at all.

I have nothing but white and I can’t sign out on either my lap top or my phone. This is the weirdest thing ever.

I lost a livestream video today after it had already been shared and saved to the group page. I tried to edit the post (text portion) and when I added a link, it replaced my video with an image associated with the linked page and the video disappeared as if it never happened. It’s not in my videos, not in my activity log. Downloaded my facebook data, it’s not there.

since I have had this new updated facebook 2020 I can not get notification to open…messages will not open after use of facebook for 20 mins nothing works and I have to reload facebook….why are these problems not being fixed….if you cannot fix them lets me go back to the previous facebook you do not even contact anyone when we tell you about these problems that you obviously aware of

my FB homepage has been buffering for a couple of days making it impossible to read any post!! Have cleared cookies, caches yet this continues. Any help would be appreciated. TIA

Been only.loading a small bit of posts for days, cleared cache, reinstalled, doing this on my phone and computer both.

Mine seems to be fixed. How is it for anyone else!?

Having the same issue here, I’m logged in but all it shows is “Welcome to Facebook”, “start adding your friends”. I can view my Profile page but not the newsfeed. Very frustrating to say the least. Just changed my settings in Newsfeed to Most Recent and now getting some stuff.

It’s the other way for me, I see practically nothing with ‘most recent’ selected but can see everything in ‘top stories’, but that view is always really confusing and it takes ages to get to stuff you’ve already seen. Hoping they fix this soon.

Mine seems to be back, for now at least. Not holding my breath though, haven’t scrolled much yet…..

Me too! Getting the Welcome to Facebook message.

You do get a news feed of sorts if you manually switch from ‘most recent’ to ‘top stories’. I have Social Fixer, which automatically swtiches to ‘most recent’.

Thanks for the tip. I was able to see the feed that way but I run FB Purity and it defaults to most recent too

keep getting a “Welcome to Facebook” message

Same here. Can’t seem to find a fix either.

I’vr brrn getting this issue:

Log Into Facebook

For over a month been getting this

I decided to try out the new FB look on my Pc and since I have not been able to do anything at all with my account on my PC the one on my galaxy works just fine but not the one on my pc, cant even use fb help on it nothing happens, no icons work cant access groups posts etc and so far have not been able to get any help out of FB on this, prior to trying out this new FB look on my PC I had zero problems with fb, but once I did that I cant do anything at all with fb on my pc and I have to wonder how many others have and or are having this same problem, I cant even sign out or delete fb on my pc cause of this mess, I need help with this big time, this has been ongoing for at least 1 month now

can’t delete posts on home page. Try and they just come back.

Time to delete FB if no news

When I log in from web it’s blank I can see only Zeros. In the app it seems fine expect some getting it’s in plain text unclickable … Anyone like that? Am getting sick of it

I have an FB account under my real name. Today I went to my page and found all the posts from yesterday gone from list view (they appear in grid view but are not active, like ghosts). I even tried to post a text message today and it did not appear in my timeline, except as a ghost in grid view. It’s been hours already and FB does not respond to my queries. What the hell???

VIDEOS uploaded on facebook are not bbeing published … it says you re posting blank page

is this happening to any of you today 5th Feb 2020 ?

I’m having the same issue with videos and I can’t go live on my fanpage.

I haven’t received any emails from facebook posts since 1-28. I’ve checked everything and it’s fine, I should be getting email notifications as usual but there is nothing. I can’t find any way to contact facebook or ask for help.

What is going on. I have clear all files and stuff. I have to restart my Pc to see a hint of Facebook!

no notifications apart from ones from a FB page about leaving the EU and french fishermen???? tried ot block it 24 hrs ago – still getting them through but from noone else

Same here….Notifications NOT showing up on my Android or Tablet‼

Notifications not showing up in Android app . . . WTH?

Facebook notifications blank. Called Amazon tech, we uninstalled, checked settings, etc. Still no notifications!

Facebook notifications won’t load. In the Android app

Facebook notifications have all disappeared! How stupid! No dots or messages! Fix this problem! How am I to know if someone messages or tags me??

What is up with the notifications tab being blank it’s just a constant circle updating

And we are back at the you can not post because we are limiting your posts and Nope, I am not posting like a crazy person. Logged on, shared 5 posts in 30 minutes…and wa-la… too fast for the meme reader. smh

I can write on my time line, just can’t share memes. AGAIN.

Im getting really frustrated as my notifications on Facebook wont load. Sometimes the icons across the top of my feed disappear and then come back. Notifications just have the whirring circle trying to load.

Mine’s doing the exact same thing I’ve uninstalled it three times does no good

Acts like I am a new person

Error in Facebook? Fix now.

Facebook market place not working for me.

I suddenly had German words for like, comment, etc. along with scattered German words and sentences on Facebook. Facebook Problem page is in German? How do I report this?

go to settings and change

I’ve been having problems for a while now. White screen when trying to load posts, especially political posts. If the post is conservative then it’s a complete shut down to my laptop screen saver. Trying to comment on any post that involves the prime minister of eastern bloc Canada results in immediate removal from the group page to news feed. This happens every time but if commenting on non political posts then no problem.

Cannot post or share on my own time line. There is NO report a problem to report it so I have been trying to get them to see the problem by replying to their error message. No response so far

The same posts keep coming back after I delete them, over and over again.

For me also. Frustrating.

Newsfeed is not loading properly. White space and you can see it trying to load. No luck today so far.

Newsfeed is not loading properly. White sapce and you can see it trying to load. No luck today so far.

30 days and still no result!

30 days now…happened twice this year. Not able to post, comment or use messenger. Help forum full of scammers and not a peep from FB themselves. NW UK.

I have a facebook business page and from my macbook i cannot see my page messages, which is really frustrating, the problem started yesterday. When you run a business from facebook, i need to see the messages on my laptop and i cannot but i can from my phone facebook page app. I have reported the problem and have received no acknowledgement or help – can anyone help solve this ?

I’ve been having the same problem so I just go from device to device sometimes. I wonder if it’s a regional issue. I’m in Edmonton so if you’re nowhere near me then I guess it’s not regional

it finally worked itself out thank you for ur reply

Weird, no problem on my phone and tablet, but continual buffering on my laptop which all are on the same wifi today.

if you were going to blow up FB ..well today would be the day

Have been trying to get on Facebook on my lap top through Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. Can’t access it on either however I can read but not access it on my phone. Any idea how long it is going to be down. Thanks

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Trouble uploading images to my personal account! Been happening to me for the past 20 minutes or so!

I’m having problems accepting people in groups, but it doesn’t seem to be effecting everyone?!

I’m having this same problem. It cleared up for awhile, but continues to come back. Sometimes for hours, & sometimes it’s days. It’s been 2 or 3 weeks now off & on.

Can’t post anything since yesterday. Either comes up content turned in as abusive, or it says “Sorry, this feature isn’t available right now. An error occurred while processing this request. Please try again later.”

If I try again immediately, or wait hours, I get the same messages.

This has been going on for several weeks now. Sometimes it clears up in minutes, sometimes hours, & sometimes days. After it clears up, it may last 3 or 4 days, but then it starts not allowing me to post anything again. It doesn’t matter what I’m trying to share, & it’s only posts from my news feed.

I’ve switched from Firefox to Chrome, IE, Opera & Blue Moon with the same results. So, I hardly think it’s Firefox which I generally use exclusively.

I’ve had it for 30 days so far. I can see posts but not comment etc, apparently something against community rules yet I’ve had no warning etc. Third time this year it’s gone down and not a peep from FB!

With the last update yesterday, I lost my notifications. The banner will tell me I have a notifications but when I open Facebook and go to notifications, it either can’t load it or states no notifications. There’s a refresh button that does absolutely nothing.

MARKETPLACE using CHROME if You open an item it will turn the entire screen white and useless. this issue has been constant for a day. (firefox seems to work fine)

Weird spacebar issues today. When livestreaming to my group or sharing a post, pressing the spacebar pauses the video and/or does not work. So when trying to type on a post I am sharing, I cannot include spaces. Just started today, Nov. 16. WTH is going on?

Newsfeed is not updating…

“action blocked You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.” The last 3 days this has happened in mid-afternoon. I have not received any notices from Facebook. In the morning I am able to share posts and make comments on posts. Then mid-afternoon I receive the quoted message the same as the other poster.

action blocked You have been temporarily blocked from performing this action.

It is November 12, 2019. I can post on my regular feed but do not have any ability to post in my groups. I do not even have the option of posting in a group. When I go to the group, all I see are older posts or a few other people’s posts but I cannot click on anything to get me access to post in ANY OF MY GROUPS. What is wrong?

I have the same problem. I don’t know what this is? Some one has to fix this.

I have been trying to gain access to my pages for 9 days now —the problem –faceboojk does not send me a 2 factor authentication code for login . My pages are not disabled because my administrator can gain access to my pages —No reply from facebook except sending me password reset codes —even sent a message to them in CAPS that I need a 2 factor code , not a password reset code —and what did they do , send me another password reset code —What a bunch of idiots they have at facebook —no problem for them selling my phone number through 2 factor process to advertisers—maybe I should start calling myself comrade VLAD , bet I wouldn’t have any problem logging in then.

Hi Richard!FB solved your problem? How long did it take? I have the same issue

Screen in FB is grey only.. blank, with no info or pics.

cannot post at all, get a “post failed” message, or that isn’t working right now, or someone thinks this post is abusive. Second day.

Cannot post in groups. games not working, Facebook Gameroom not working.

My groups and friends names are not appearing, in their posts on my timeline, all have a icon of public

My picture upload is causing FB to glitch and shut down the minute I try to open it!

Here in Prineville, just down the hill from FBs massive data center, the last few days pictures are either very slow to load or don’t load at all. Now I can’t get basic newsfeed display. Applies to all browsers, all other sites normal.

I have worked around the ‘scheduling’ post for a later time problem by saving it to ‘drafts’ then going into drafts, then find the scheduling option within the drafts option. Seems FB is really wonky the last week or so – it hangs and catches as if a server is stressed or…some sort hacking is going on 🙁

That worked. Thank you so much for sharing that work-a-round

Thank you for posting! That worked.

share in a group stopped working. worked a few hours ago, and yes, i rebooted my computer

Agreed, scheduling option was gone yesterday and today.

Have not been able to schedule a post for days and now I can’t even post at all.

Facebook Scheduling Option is gone!!!

Was able to login to facebook in Opera, but am unable to log out or do anything else. Happened this morning.Oct 13, 2019.

It’s not loading properly and only shows a few posts.

Big problems with Facebook right now. Cannot see comments, cannot make comments, cannot get messages….grim when you have a business on Facebook…Anyone else having these problems on September 30, 2919?

I have had the same problem for several days now

I have had the same problem for several days now,too from 30.09

For weeks I have been unable to search within groups. I have tried on both my laptop and phone. I have tried with a different browser. I have tested the function by searching for names and terms I am looking at while searching. No matter what I search, I always get the result, “We couldn’t find anything for ___.” It’s extremely frustrating! Admins ask that one uses the search function before posting for information. I am spending so much time scrolling to search. I have reported the issue to Facebook, but of course they have not fixed the issue.

me too. I report the issue weekly. I’ve tried all my devices. I use the feature all the time, so this is so annoying to not have a resolution or a response.

So FB updated- I can not tag group members or mods nor can I search for them in the member list. Using their full name with no spaces does not work, using @ does not work, using just their last name does not work. I have restarted my phone, it still does not work. My app is up to date, something is wrong with FB. This is getting pretty annoying as it seems to constantly have problems. Some information or an update would be nice.


I play the game Conspiracy on Facebook and you cannot send energy or collect anything. When will it be fixed?

Though I am able to log into Facebook, I only get a partial page. I cannot post chat messages, nor can I write on friends timelines or on my own timeline. The page sounds like it is running something in the background and a little blue circle (for loading) just keeps going around and around. When something finally comes up for me to type, like a birthday message to a friend, I cannot post it. This has been going on for more than a week for me.

Cannot share anything in news feed. Get sorry something went wrong!

I am not able to see who is going to events whether it is a public or private event and I am only able to see my friends going to it. Anyone else having this issue?

Anyone not able to see their groups in there news feed. And keep seeing the same posts?

Force by browser to change my facebook password and now it connects me with an old account from 2 years ago. Anyway to get access to current news feed? Totally disgusted. Probably won’t even be able to get rid of the one I don’t want. Will confuse friends.

FB giving this, every time I try to comment IDEMPOTENCE_SYSTEM__DUPLICATE_IDEMOPTENT. And now unable to get into pool or Texas poker games

Facebook isn’t allowing photos, videos or any other new posts to go out, you can only comment on existing posts.

I get an error saying the operation couldn’t be completed. FatalError domain: GraphQLErrorDo=main code then a. umber followed by summary: opps! message. This happens when trying to do certain admin tasks in Facebook groups.

Facebook seems to be down again, 4th August 2019. I’m in the UK and getting an error saying it’s down for scheduled maintenance, also exception errors when trying to add people as an admin to a Facebook group. Lots of issues, newsfeed seems to be working a little.

All week can’t look at pages i follow

My feed won’t update for 3 days now

It will not let me post on someone else’s posts

Logs me out, asks me to change password, which I do, then it logs me out again, claims it’s a security issue. Says they will text a code to my phone…but they don’t. My account is locked with no way back in. Thanks Facebook…you’re pissing me off.

Same here, it asks me to change my pw.

it is only with Safari…works fine with Google Chrome

Wrong. I have google chrome.

Either getting just a white page or just two posts and no ability to comment.

Same here. It’s not good when i’m trying to help someone about YL.

unable to schedule a post in my group – the feature is no longer there!!!

It keeps reloading. Time and again till I get a message to try again later.

status update is missing from news feed. have to go to own wall anytime I want to make a new post.

Can’t post on how or what I’m doing

Can’t navigate off the same page that opens when i open the FB app. Al i get is a page that tells me the link is no good or that i may not have permission to view my own profile page, then the app freezes. Also can not send IMs on FB Messenger but can receive them. Withing 10 seconds of receiving an IM it automatically navigates to the same eror p[age again and freezes my app. New York City. Great job FB.. What a joke….

Cannot post or receive images

I got a page that said ‘Welcome to Facebook” get started. I’ve been on Facebook for many years.

Intentionally down… too much traffic about civil war starting tomorrow. Its the govt.

My FB business pages logos are showing. Also images are not showing

No images since 6am Pacific time today July 3, 2019.

Can’t upload images to our business page

No photos, just blanks,,,but if one has posted and I click on it,the page freezes,,have to restart iPad

Photos are blank, and if there is one and I click on it it freezes the page

Down in Hungary as well with no pictures loading, and really slow

Still cant upload pictures or see any photos in NJ, USA

Having issues loading pictures. Blank screen on posts.

Pictures are not showing in my newsfeed. All of my friends are having the same problem. I hope it gets fixed soon.

Im having the same problems with photos however, I can’t send any messages to my friends either which is rather strange.

Messenger is also having issues. Basically all things related to FB.

Pictures are not loading on FB or IG. Just a blank screen in Houston, Texas.

Facebook seems to be down for me on both my mobile app and also when using the website. I’m experiencing problems when posting on my own timeline and also in several groups that I’m members of. Does anyone know whats going on?

My comments in groups have been disappearing (after posting briefly) for the last several hours. They aren’t controversial, and others are posting “what happened to the comment that said….?” This is happening on multiple groups, some public, some private. They are not in my activity log. My status shows only one instance of me logged on. I’ve gone through two different networks under three different browsers and operating systems.

I have been having problems with my post all disappearing for the last two day. Doesn’t matter if it’s chrome, Firefox internet explorer and the windows 10 app. First i thought it was some how network related since my phone app seemed to work but that changed too. A few post make it through but most disappear for good. I get notifications for old post that I have already acknowledged.

The problem is in Edge browser only, seems to be ok in Explorer, Chrome and the FB app

My Chrome is down and showing the problems described above, as is the FB of many of us here in our office.

Same happened to me today, have we all been blocked??? Totally unacceptable!!!!

Has your problem been solved or have you been blocked like me today, started as your problem today and now I cannot do anything, post, comment, see my notifications or posts..

Same problem today, when I tried to post a comment today my computer gets disconnected already about 4 times and now I cannot do anything at all on my FB page, suspect FB may have blocked me altogether, very disconcerting, have been a faithful member for many many years… This is unacceptable, I am a senior and have so many photos of family members posted on there… HELP PLEASE!

For the past week I have not been able to click on messages or notifications…It acts like it wants to load but just spins and never loads. Is this facebook problems or my computer problems.

I can’t post to the home page or open my PMs. I haven’t been able to use the enhanced “like” feature for days. My computer is running normally and I can access other sites without any problem. I’m sorry that others are having issues, but it’s somewhat reassuring to know that it isn’t my computer. I’d rather FB have issues than problems with my computer.

My Reactions page does not list any names. Just says “All 0”.

Did you ever figure out what happened here? Mine is doing this now on a couple of posts but not all.

Sent so many messages of complaint, I’m on the point of giving up!

Same problem here, Struthers, Ohio. can’t get notifications or post on my desk top. My phone seems to be fine. Tried resetting the computer to an earlier date, but that didn’t help. This has been going on for 4 or 5 days.

I can post but can’t see any of my notifications. It’s been 3 days now.

Can’t post enhanced status updates (you know, with emojis or backgrounds) since May 24 2019.

What is wrong with Facebook? I only get 2 posts when I login and cannot open Messenger or see what Notifications I have today, 5/24/2019? Did they take off for the Memorial Day weekend????

Facebook does not allow me to Schedule a Live Video. When I Click schedule, It allows me to select time,etc., thenI get an error message “Error Scheduling broadcast, please try again” 2) I click OK and try again, it gives a spinning circle which never completes its process (without terminating the process). Help!

For a week now my repost buttons have disappeared. Today my being able to receive messages from potential buyers isn’t working. Does anyone know what’s happening. Thanks.

I can only see 2 postings at a time and then the page is blocked – this has been the case for 2 days. I am in Belgium

All day today in marketplace, I can’t open up any pages. I click on an item and the page is blank.

today in all groups which i administrate i cannot decline posts or remove posts no need anymore .

Cannot reply to any of my postings in Market place…

I have had a Facebook page for years. Suddenly I can’t post on it. As of today, on my Mac, there is no box in which I can write a post and put up photos.

may 23 2019. 7 days same stuff . .

same thing here, for 6 or 7 days now today is may 23

Facebook marketplace will not allow me to renew any of my listings. It doesn’t even show the RENEW button.

Same here. Wonder why they removed it.

Facebook will not show me any of my posts, memories, allow me to edit posts from settings, and much more. Answer my messages, please, FACEBOOK. It’s been over 72 hours.

All I am getting is “Sorry, something went wrong” and that they are working on it! I live in the Northeast USA.

Every time I refresh I get a Welcome to facebook page, I am logged in but all I can see on my timeline is one post

Anyone else having scrolling issues?

I can’t login either. I go to write my email and password in press enter on keyboard and it just stays on the same page. Doesn’t even go to the home screen.

May 1 2019 I can’t see posts from friends that posted on timeline today I can in my notifications and can leave comments when I clicked on it. They won’t show up on my timeline people can’t see them.. I’m in Nashville

I can’t seem to receive my SMS codes via cell anymore! I get this message when I try to have a text sent to my phone: “You have requested too many text message security codes recently. Please try again later.”

I wrote to Facebook HELP on April 23, 2019, explaining I could not log off; the pull-down menu arrow never revealed the normal menu and I kept getting an error message telling me it was currently not available. Because I had to shut down my browser each time I wanted to close Facebook, I had to open a new browser each time to log on to Facebook. I used up a lot of 2 part authorization codes doing this, and now I can no longer access my account! My cell does not send the codes anymore and I get a message telling me I have sent too many codes and I must wait awhile: “You have requested too many text message security codes recently. Please try again later.” This is very frustrating since I am the administrator of several groups and have several community pages on Facebook. Thanks for helping me solve this problem.

My News Feed will no longer scroll in any browser, or on any device. I will get 3-4 articles, can click “More stories” once, then no more will load. This has been occurring for about a week or more.

As mentioned, I have tried on 3 different browsers and on two different devices. On devices I have tried both full and lite versions of FB as well as 3rd party FB apps. All of them behave exactly the same as described above.

i’m glad i read this, my fb is totally messed up also – so it’s not me nor my pc

As of last week Facebook does not allow me to Schedule a Live Session. When you Click schedule, It allows you to select time,etc. 1) it gives an error message “Error Scheduling broadcast, please try again” 2) I click OK and try again, it gives a spinning circle which never completes its process (without terminating the process). 3) if you try to leave the page, “You Are Still broadcasting”. 4. You Click, Leave page, you get “This page isn’t Available. The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. I have tried from three different computers with the same result. I have even tried resetting the Stream Key. I have waited for hours. Something in Facebook is broken

Home and personal pages are showing all pages combined. I have 5 different FB closed pages, and they are ALL showing in the Home and personal pages. It is confusing and concerning. Get texts from other people wanting to know we in the closed FB pages are posting to their personal pages. What is going on????

Facebook isn’t loading properly for me here in North Carolina.

unable to see page private messages, just keep getting the wait symbol. On mobile I am able to see messages so confused as I can see everything on FB except for page messages on pc and mac

I am getting the same problem with “Most Recent” with News Feed that others are reporting here. This can’t be an accident. What is Facebook’s reasoning behind this?

Same exact problem as many have descried here. “Welcome to Facebook” and the occasional one or two posts. Reported the problem twice now. No change, no reply…

Still no News Feed – will close my account! Reported problem to Facebook several time but only get an automated response!!!

Fix this FB. I am about to close my acct. This is ridiculous.

I’m finished with facebook, tired of going on and seeing go to next!

this is just another way they are trying to force feed you content they want you to to see and not what you are really after and would like to see personally. You know not what fuckerburg and his govt cronys want you too…

Mainly getting the Welcome to Facebook screen, no matter whether I am on recent or top stories feed. Occasionally it will show me one single post. Been happening for about three or four days now, sometimes worse than others.

“Most Recent” feed won’t load more than 15 posts. Consistently like this for over 4 days. Oddly enough, “Top Stories” feed isn’t impacted.

Same result across several devices, including desktop.

Newsfeed broken for last 3 days. Works occasionally but usually just loads “welcome to facebook”. Multiple PCs, phones and tablets.

My Facebook newsfeed is saying “Welcome to Facebook…Get started by adding friends, etc instead of my actual newsfeed. Anyone else?

Yes for a few days now. Sometime it will work fine, but then when I refresh, the News Feed goes blank and gives me that message. Although, the system will let me go to my groups.

Yes.. same thing for me in Ontario, NY.. so frustrating!

I thought it was mine, as well.

Same here for 3 days now!

Mine started it this afternoon. But it’s been having problems for three days–keeps loading old posts from 2 or 3 days before. An uncle’s death notice sent on Saturday didn’t reach me until Sunday, 18 hours later. Now all I get is the Welcome post.

Same for me . Yesterday and today. I get one or two stories, then If I refresh it doesn’t even bring them back, it just goes to that welcome.. add friends things.

It’s doing that on my desktop. But on my phone, the Newsfeed simply isn’t refreshing.

A few Facebook friends of mine mentioned this on April 23 (Tuesday). I didn’t experience that but had something different the same day! I could not log out from my laptop. The drop down menu for logging out just spun uselessly and never pulled down and I kept getting an error message about it not being available or I didn’t have permission to see it! Now I seem to be locked out entirely since my phone no longer sends the verification codes. I’ve been on Facebook since 2008 and this has never happened before. I hope we get this fixed ASAP!!

I’ve been down since 6am here in Maine! Can’t contact anyone having to do with Facebook either!

Even the outage report site is down! Can’t report. Still removing shared posts and placing “content not available” on shared posts without the users knowledge. Over a month now.

Tampa Bay Florida EST 8:32 cant log in to fb at all

Long Island NY, won’t connect here either, all 8:19 am


Facebook is down in rural Manitoba, Canada this morning-April 14, 2019

i cant log on facebook and every other application who is FB connected is dooooomed 14/4/19

NE PA….fb must be down completely

Facebook is down this morning 4.14.19

Today, 7:23pm, and since last one hour, I was trying to open my fb but I just couldn’t open it, I tried everywhere: on browser, fb app, messenger, and even on instagram that is connected on my fb acc, I tried on different devices that maybe it’s just my device that has a problem, on my phone and laptop, but no success. And now I got so worried maybe there’s some sort of a problem that my account is hacked or what, but then now I have searched if is there an issue happening on facebook now, and I see there is, I just don’t know if it’s all true & reliable. I just wanted to know what the heck is happeninggg

Total crap. Had the same problems as others when I select “most recent stories”, all I get is “Welcome to Facebook. Get started by adding friends. You’ll see their videos, photos and posts here.” I had been getting the same posts in recents since April 11th.

Been having that problem for 3 days now – now it is definitely ‘good bye Facebook’

same…for a few days now i get some instant stories..then a couple of old then nothing…so annoying …

I can’t scroll on Top Stories or Recent Stories. This is the second day of this. Fix now!

Same problem as umo and Ron Peter.ugh

Why has my news feed not updated properly for over 24 hours or so?

My Facebook on Chrome scrolls just a few items before I have to click “More Posts”. My Facebook on Safari scrolls on forever. WTF?

Ditto here in Sydney, can see 2 posts on most recent

Same problem as umo and Ron Peter.

Getting the WELCOME NEW USER crap when I try to access my newsfeed. Started getting this last night. And no it’s not my browser or computer. I’ve tried all alternatives,

Am having problems with my FB timeline as well. At first it was welcoming me as a new user. Now I am seeing the most recent post twice or at times only four or five postings from various times and dates.

Can’t get FB to load at all. Only get a blank screen. Tried resetting chrome – doesn’t help. 4/11/19

As of sometime yesterday, April 8, 2019 Facebook’s schedule option is not working.

Yup. I’m on about day 18 19. I did the exact same thing, wasn’t able to like or comment so I logged off, updated the fb app and now they wont let me on. The SMS code never comes through. No answers. No response from Facebook. I’ve sent my id several times

Im on ps4 march 30 2019. First time I can not get on messages, profile, ect. But news feed is working.__ But I can’t reply react or click on the page with out getting a blank page with the word Facebook. Needs pixing asap.

My latest Facebook update March 22, 2019 on my Kindle Fire now shows in foreign language. I can’t read it. How do I go back to previous FB update? No other application was affected. I’m on a Kindle Fire tablet, I’ve tried full reboot, no help.

As of April 24, I no longer get SMS codes to my phone to log in! I get this message instead when I try to send a text: “You have requested too many text message security codes recently. Please try again later.”

Baloney. The glitches have been a problem for a whole year and continue. Still freezes and can’t page down. Only on Facebook.

Seems everyone’s getting back on to their accounts but me. It has been 30hrs! My messenger is not affected. But fb keeps asking for a code i never received

cant upload files….for last two days….

As of 14:14 today, March 14th, I am still not able to get on Facebook at all. Says I’ll get an SMS code but have yet to get one. Then says I’ve requested too many times and have to wait. What the heck is going on today? Frustrated!

Exactly the same here!! (April 25, 2019). As of yesterday (April 24), I no longer get SMS codes to my phone to log in! I get this message instead when I try to send a text: “You have requested too many text message security codes recently. Please try again later.” And I also sent them proof of my ID (driver’s license and explanation of my problem with logging on, codes, etc.)

Finally was able to comment and LIKE after nearly 8 hours.

I’ve been having trouble posting for the last two days, I write a post, then it’s just wiped off when I press the post button, also, I’m not getting notifications.

Birthday Wishes won’t post. Nothing would post yesterday or today

Haven’t been able to log in at all when I go to do so it wants to send me a code never get the code and says I’ve requested too many what’s going on. Messenger seems to be slow but working ok, I’m in central Florida

Exactly the same here!! (April 25, 2019). As of yesterday (April 24), I no longer get SMS codes to my phone to log in! I get this message instead when I try to send a text: “You have requested too many text message security codes recently. Please try again later.” And I also sent them proof of my ID (driver’s license and explanation of my problem with logging on, codes, etc.) Soooo frustrating. I’ve been a member of Facebook since 2008 to some degree. I deactivated that early account and rejoined in 2011. NEVER had this happen before!! 🙁

Haven’t been able to log in at all, go to log in it wants to send me a cide nevrn get the code, messenger is slow but working… I’m in central Florida

Birthday Wishes won’t post. Nothing would post yesterday, When FB is having problems, a brief msg when we log on would be helpful

I haven’t been able to post, comment, or LIKE anything for 7+hours now.

In Okanogan, WA earlier today I couldn’t publish any posts. Now I can’t even access the site. Is my computer suddenly out of phase or is there some regional issue?

So here in Auckland NZ I cannot comment about the cats. No ability to like the kitty videos . Somebody help me. My life is on hold. There’s a video of a Schnauzer in heels and I got nothing.

Yea something is definitely going on with FB, my best guess is they’re under hacker attack. There’s no way it would be down for this long without a proper update unless they were having massive server issues.

was thinking they were auditing mine for some reason…

in Charlotte,NC and it’s been hit and miss all day. mostly miss. most of the day I couldn’t do anything. every time I even tried to comment it said there was a temporary problem that was being fixed. well, now I still can’t share anything and it takes 10-15 tries to get a simple comment or one sentence post to post. frankly, it’s just not worth the trouble it takes to do anything on there today.

at first I could not post messages and then it kicked me and said there was an error and should be fixed soon. Glad I am not the only one

It sounds like facebook is avoiding the truth. They know what would trip their site up ASAP..fb i hate to say has been more fishy lately..i dont know..i deff dont trust or agree with their nazi bs..anyways, ur lying fb..u know why its acting’s internet server being down doesnt make it act glitchy, it makes it NOT LOAD…cmon now…be honest

I’m in Columbus, Ohio and been unable to post, comment, receive comments on home page or news feed.

Here in Auckland NZ I cannot comment about the cats. No ability to like the kitty videos . Somebody help me. My life is on hold. There’s a video of a Schnauzer in heels and I got nothing.

Thought I had been given a comping ban… relieved I haven’t but it’s so damn annoying….

I’m in Seattle and Facebook hasn’t been working all day. Well, it kinda has in that I can read messages, but can’t comment, post, or “like”.

Only part of my page opens.

i was kicked off facebook around 12:30, est, usa. thought i got hacked at first, then started thinking i didnt abide by facebooks standards and got the boot all together. glad to know its not me or anything i did. glad i dont have a virus or got hacked. randomly i check back at the log in screen, but i still get messages stating, maintenance in progress. well be back shortly. well, thats been hours ago. maintenance doesnt take this long. seriously, facebook needs to figure out a new way of working. either a new server or something. its getting ridiculous.

Yup. I uninstalled messenger thinking something on my end was wrong and now I’m out and can’t log back in

Farcebook is making my butt hurt.

Funny thing is the message says it will be up in minutes. If its going to take hours then say so. Facebook is getting as bad as windows 10.

yep, white screen continuous this evening in the UK. im getting the same message – “something went wrong “… schuks, really????

We’re having a blizzard in CO and can’t access FB for hours upon hours! Seriously, this is a world-wide issue and not getting resolved?? WTH?

All I can get is my home page, none of the games will load… Nanaimo BC

Facebook down all this morning

Is anyone having problems with Instagram too

yes, cant log in that either. your not alone.

Error message when trying to comment, happening throughout the day today on different computers

Down in Callao, VA. Has been down for a couple of hours as of this comment.

Norwich uk

Mine has been down for over 3 hours and I thought I had been hacked. When you say a few minutes, at least put on television that you are down.

Good you contacted congressman and senators. I’m in California and Facebook is not working. They should let us know right away whats happening. Did they get hacked or what?

Yes, I have tried to share some news stories all day…nope, service not available right now, but my daughter down the road has no problems, then I went to my page and tried to write a status…..nope…grrrrrr can’t do ANYTHING!!!!

North Dakota

I’m in So Cal

I’m getting same message. And it’s been hours. I’m in Rapid City SD and yes we are having a blizzard right now, but my Wi-Fi and internet are both working. So WTF. How much longer will we be down and someone at Facebook can’t post status reports?

I couldnt access Spades today

Devv from Turks and Caicos Islands It won’t let me post or like. Newsfeed won’t load and now it has log me out and saying my account don’t exist

Still cannot comment on my news feed. Hey FB technicians, get back to work and help us all!

I can sign on but can’t post remotely, like a post, comment, and I get a slew of error messages. I can’t scroll down to read other posts even. I couldn’t even sign in here with Facebook. Is Facebook spending too much time and energy collecting our data to sell that they can’t maintain the site now? Just asking.

Time for FB to stop messing around with what actually works, stop with the AI moderation, and put real human beings, who actually respect the constitutional rights of ALL users!

Been down for 2 hours already for me. In Ohio

Can’t post, like or share, WTH FB?

Can’t post on my time line, or “like” any posts.

Facebook loads, but can’t post or access games, friends pages, etc.

Wisconsin, Fb wont loading it up

Same here in western Wisconsin! Haven’t been able to load FB since around 11:30 a.m.

Dallas Texas Can’t post comments, can’t “like”

Maryland, can’t post comments.

All types of wonkyness here in Texas. Its a number of things that work and dont work since about 12 AM CST.

In Indiana here and can’t post a status or comment on anything…I get this message when I try…

Something went wrong. We’re working on getting it fixed as soon as we can.

Let’s see how long it takes to fix. I was able to comment just fine 4 hours ago then I couldn’t.

I can message and like just fine though.

Down in Germany for like 1 or 2 hours maybe more… Can t do anything

down all morning in Seattle

My morning on FB began with not being able to post, now it is a completely white page. Can see FB on mobile, but can’t post.

Phone app works, sort of, can’t post. Messenger works fine…but can’t log in on PC at all…STILL.

Can’t comment or edit posts or like

Can’t seem to do anything at all. Can’t post, can’t comment, Can’t post pics, Can’t write a note…Can’t edit…Just Not happy!! Trying to post a beautiful B’day msg for my son..Been trying since morning now it’s afternoon…Smh!! :((((

Still down. Article says it was down for 2 1/2 hours today. Not true. Been over an hour.

Can’t post, comment or react to other’s post (North Carolina)

Does FACEBOOK have anything to say about this??? Nothing on the news that I’ve heard. Where are the FB techies??

This is why some millionaire or billionaire needs to start a new platform, everyone is at the mercy of one company.

FB down in Lexington, KY. Codes they send don’t work and send 2 different codes each time I try.

FB down in Rhiode Island too. Grrr! What’s going on? Zuckerberg in trouble again with congress? LOL

Can’t post a comment or a pic. Logged out and now I can’t log back in. The code they send to me doesn’t work. In USA

You won’t get back in until their system is up & running again, It’s not you.

Down in CA, less than 5 miles from their headquarters. Gameroom error message, down for maintenance (ya right).

I got the same message when I tried to link to any FB Game apps myself.

Can’t post, trying form various sources. I can read things, but no replies or comments allowed. as of 03/14/2019. Please include your dates in these comments to help us figure out what is current.

A friend in Ireland just liked a photo I shared.

In Chicago same problem, I tried connecting through a VPN in Belgium, same problem..

all out here in Canada Jesus facebook needs to buck up,its been running for how many years? Fix your server issues boys

What is wrong.. Cannot like, post anything, or share anything today? Indiana ..

Down in Mobile about an hour now. I thought they were just blocking me for some political correctness reason or something. Found out everyone is down.

FB is doew on the Laptop and is not letting me do anything by phone either, interphase does come up on the phone. IG is down too.

I can log in but can’t share or post comments. I was able to send a pm at 11:30 am, though from south eastern USA.

Not working for me either on both my phone and laptop.

I had to reboot my modem, after couldn’t login to facebook via laptop. I am able to access with cell, but commenting is randomly limited.

Facebook is down with a global outage at the moment. Anyone else trying to access the website on desktop or mobile?

I am having problems posting

I also can’t post – am in VA

Not working in Marietta, GA

Same here. I can’t login,. In mobile it is working but messenger calling and other things are not working.

Ditto here in Iowa, not a good thing as my mom fell and broke her hip yesterday and she lives in Canada. This is main way I stay in contact with my families.

Try sending word through their inboxes if you can.

MARCH 6th: 14:00 AU/MELB TIME:


My app updated this morning automatically. Afterwards as an ADMIN in several FB groups.. now when I click REMOVE to delete a post that was previously approved in the group, the entire app either boots me off that page or closes the entire app down. Any assistance?

I uninstalled and reinstalled the FB app.

Still same issue.

facebook news feed not loading for several days now

marketplace down in SE kent no access

Facebook News Feed not loading properly for second day in a row. The posts I see are old unless I refresh and then I will only see one new post. I have refreshed over and over, logged out and back in, cleared my cache, changed it from Most Recent to Top Stories and back again several times, etc. And it’s still old posts!

This what facebook looks now, I’ll be you some glitch of hack attack from Putin’s or #MeToo movement or DNC or RNC. IF it’s a hack attack blame these people mentioned above

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Account Settings

Facebook videos are just today (2-11-19) un-viewable and causing a Firefox Not Responding error.

Face book game not working shawdogun dead zone game not loading whats going on?

pm me on facebook if you know whats going on with game room pleas

I am an admin for a page. I can post as the page, but if I use the drop down in the comment area to change from the page to my own username, it just spins and never changes to my name to post a comment. Been happening for a few days now. Chrome on Windows PC.

yes i keep trying to load face book games for 2 days now turns my pc off somthing weird with goggle is going on

I cant access you on facebook marketplaces. It says error…. Have tried un install and all…. Wanted to check my items for sale… Very unhappy:(

Same! I can’t list anything for sale or even view items 🙁 I click on anything in the marketplace and nothing happens… Super frustrating!!

The FB page comes up…but does nothing else…no feeds, no additional posts…nothing! Iowa

Mine keeps saying Welcome as if I’m new, and to add friends to see anything. It shows nothing other than that. Once in a while it shows one regular post. Both pc and mobile are doing it. Both on apps and every browser.

Cannot post to marketplace

Log on get kicked right off. Really a PITA!

I cannot share, like, use emojis, post and check my newsfeed.

Facebook feed is not loading. Both sides of the opening page except the middle (the feed/wall)

Having the same problem with some of the others mentioned below. Facebook will not stay on when using the app on an iPhone 10. It only stays on for about 5 seconds and then blacks out and phone goes back to home screens. I have the latest version loaded and have tried deleting and reloading app, rebooting phone, changing password, etc. Is this a problem with my FB profile or is this a problem with Facebook itself?

facebook will not stay on it’s “kicking” me off all day today…What’s wrong? Getting totally annoying….

Same here and we have tried every fix recommended. Any help would be appreciated.

Can’t load posts right now.. been like this on and off for weeks.

Trying to scroll down my news feed in Facebook and it just sits there loading, loading, loading, on all devices and multiple networks. Server issues and the fact that it has been occuring for over 24 hours now is disturbing to say the least.

Since last evening I when I log into my newsfeed I see the newest post and nothing else. It looks like other posts are trying to load but never do. It’s the same on my phone as well as on my other computers. Something is very wrong and from what I see below, I’m not alone!

Same here since Friday morning. Tried at work and home on different PCs and different browesrs. UTTERLY USELESS

no facebook here, been trying for a couple of hours now

no facebook. i’ve tried everything and just get a white page

12/14/2018 6:42PM Facebook is down No. Calif.

White screen of death?Whats up?

Having a big issue today. Keeps knocking me off here in Arizona

Queensland Australia 11am 15/12/2018 showing white page.

total white screen on facebook, location KY

8pm on Dec 14 2018 and not a thing on facebook..Man what a way to start your weekend off just getting out of work.

Newsfeed is not scrolling. I can only see first posting, the next one is trying to load.

last night fb was fine, now it won’t load newsfeed. what’s happening?!?

Facebook was up for me to send to messages last night and then I got the blank screen and only the Facebook logo at the top. Same thing this morning, right now, when I went to sign on. Please fix it Facebook people! I have no issues getting into other sites, like my banking site or my email or news outlets, etc.

facebook is loading very slow, videos freeze, then the entire page freezes, and I have to close the page. been doing this for about a week. Videos on other sites play fine.

Facebook is double spacing my words when I’m commenting on a thread on facebook. I’m on a 12” ipadpro. I’m using a logi keyboard.

games wont load all the way

Facebook has been having issues since the end of September due to some major overhaul they are doing to their platform which was told to me by Big Commerce. There is a problem with store integration and size/color options not present when ordering, incorrect information and shipping times,messages not getting to customers, inability to open messages, orders showing pending for months even though pending orders are supposed to be resolved in 24-48 hours. Today, however, their glitches have gone overboard. A customer who ordered an outfit on the 17th got charged 3 times between 6am and 7:30 am. She cannot find her order and thought the vendor was the one who charged her, trying to steal her money. Facebook should tell buyers that they handle the charges and credit card info, not vendors and that they don’t release funds until the item is marked shipped with tracking information. They should also inform buyers and vendors when they have glitches on their website like other marketplaces such as Ebay and Etsy do.

Forgot to say it was working fine this AM at around 6 or 6:30.

Won’t even load on my PC. says something went wrong, working on it 🙁

up / down / up / down / will load / won’t load …. maybe i’ll get some work done today. hahahaha

Same problems as everyone else for the last couple of days. Frustrating!

Been trying to log in since 6:30 this morning..Says OOPS something went wrong. Were working on it.

I’m not even getting that much info and I live within 90 miles of their headquarters! LOL

This morning my fb stop loading I don’t know what’s happen? Please help me to solve the problem!

Only getting a few posts when I scroll down and I see other saying the same.

I can’t get in Facebook today What is the problem? It was fine yesterday. From Hattiesburg MS

Same here on iPhone 7 plus and Macbook. It says “Posts can’t be loaded right now.” Not sure how to fix it. I googled the problem but no answers really.

Same here, as of the evening of 11/17/18. My Page Feeds stopped working eight days ago, but a link (after doing some Google searching) worked, to where I was able to pull up my Page feeds. That is, until this evening. About an hour ago, my News Feeds link also stopped working. I can still access my Facebook groups listed to the left, but when I go to the News Feeds (aka, the home page of Facebook), I get a “Something Went Wrong, Try Refreshing The Page” message.

I have the exact same problem JustAnotherJoe10. Just reported it via Facebook community page. Must be another systems glitch.

I reported the broken Page Feeds issue eight days ago, but that issue has still not been resolved. The “News Feed” issue, and the link I was copying and pasting to pull up my page feeds (not working now) just started (for me) this evening. I find the whole thing frustrating. I admit, I am breathing a sigh of relief when I realized that it was not just me, and was not alone in this. For a minute there, Michael, I thought Facebook was trying trying to “weed me out” or something, which is always a possibility with Facebook.

Me to JustAnotherJoe10. Think all of us will just have to wait to Facebook fix the problem. Sigh of relief.

If I go into a group, I can see things. If I try to see my feed, I get that message.

I am getting the same message

Same here today for me too. Just started tonight.

My Facebook mobile has had the following going on since The beginning of November. Only see 4 posts on newsfeed at ay time. Ask to join groups to see anything. Have to go to my profile then to most recent to see anything. Deleted off iPhone X’s max and reinstalled multiple times. No changes. Called Verizon. No help. Called Apple. No help. Multiple reports to Facebook with answer of thanks, this will help make facebook better for everyone. Anyone else having these issues?

It goes on, then goes back down. I think everyone is overloading it at the same time. So, give it 5 hrs, before you log back in, so I can work without interruption 😀

and .. apparently down again. smdh

Albany NY…Facebook down 20 minutes

11/12/18 in USA, same as below.

Same error message , here in TN. They need to get on the ball.

November 12 Canada… down where I live with no access at all. Just an alert shows up that they’re working on the issue.

Worked this morning, but now won’t load on phone or pc. I just get a message that they’re working on the issue. Anyone else getting this?

Yes, I tried the same. Still no response on Facebook

Gliitches aplently on Sunday evening, Nov 11 here in Canada — now on Nov 12, no access to fb. Just an alert that they’re working on the issue.

Its acting mad since yesterday…. Most Recent Newsfeed is showing all jumbled up feed…. first is 21 hrs ago.. then 12 mints ago.. then Yesterday.. then 18 hrs ago… UFFFF Madness

Mine has been doing the same for several days, including today. While reading this I logged into FB in another tab to sign into this site and, lo and behold, Most Recent now appears to be working, although it may be because FB opened up straight into Most Recent as it was set when I logged out about twenty minutes ago.

Can’t view or comment on anything.

i am unable to log into my facebook account this is 4th weak . customer support facebook sent me links that are broken or expired . i need help. i have contacted customer support and got no answer. i also send myy identification and have no answer. 4 weaks already . @facebook

I am not able to see who liked my posts and I got lots of likes on there. The like feature changed or probably is temporary. Is this a technical error? Is anyone else having a problem where they can’t see who liked your status? If so, there has to be a way to report it to Facebook so they fix that.

My facebook timeline wont refresh. Its 2 hours old

My facebook feed is BLANK and has an “instagram” error. “something went wrong, try refreshing this page” with an icon that looks very similar to instagram. this happened on all devices. any advice?

hi sister loged in her fb with google canary and her fb still working and i tried 2 log in my fb with g-canary but my fb is still down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also cannot post on my personal page or a large group 17,500+ that I administer!

do you know how 2 fix facebooks bugs? i have the same problems

Experiencing the same problem reported by Grnacrz yesterday — I am unable to post on a Facebook page I administer.

Can’t post on our organization page. It keeps turning into a “Create Post” and won’t let me do anything. Worked fine yesterday!

I’ve been having the same problem today … I have a workaround. I post to the PAGE as myself, not the page! That works, but it’s tucked in the sidebar. Then I go to the sidebar and share it as my page … and there it is. I am sure that an update happened since yesterday that has a “bug” in it … one number or letter out of place in the code can cause so much grief!

Facebook Business Page Post Button not Working.

Facebook app keeps crashing on my galaxy s9. I’ve Uninstaller and reinstalled, cleared cache, restarted phone, etc. Nothing is helping!!

I can’t see comments or replies to older comments on statuses. I can click on image and see those comments. This happened right after the latest update to Chrome installed itself.

It’s the same on Chrome and Firefox so it has to be a FB issue

Yep, I checked IE too. Even on mobile it’s a mess.

I can share on my page but can’t comment on my own page…or read comments on my own page. I can’t comment on group pages but I was able to try to comment on one random post and it brought up something new I had never seen. So, if they are implementing new stuff, they shouldn’t mess everything else up while doing it. It’s not any kind of fb jail because I’m good on fb.

It’s been like this for almost 3 weeks.

All of the left side of my Facebook page is gone…no groups, no news fee, no anything….

“Facebook keeps closing”. “Close app”. I keep getting this error message. Cannot get on Facebook.

Can’t post anything on my page, but I can post responses on other people’s posts.

Oddly, all the ads load, but the news feeds don’t.

Is anyone having problems today? my Facebook won’t load…I keep getting this message “We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”

For whatever reason, recently whenever i try to access my business page , either on my android phone or tablet I get “invite friends to like your page” and I can’t scroll any further. Tried shutting down and logging back in, updating etc with no luck. Everything works normal on my desktop.

anyone having problems of logging out of mobile facebook??? I have been having major problems, it is showing white blank pages while “hanging” in space so i can log out. Been like this for a week now. Really don’t know why it is doing this. And on the computer I can log in and out just fine. I can log in on phone, but for whatever reason, I can’t log out… Tried different browsers, nothing, same issue. It is with mobile facebook.

My news feed only shows a few posts and then stops. No response from Facebook.

Now my news feed is blank

My news feed is showing TWO posts…it doesn’t scroll….

The page only goes so far before it stops letting me scroll posts. It just stops. Have to reload to see new stuff. Not sure what is up. Tried Firefox and Chrome, so far and got the same result.

No newsfeed for weeks. Only 3 or 4 posts from days ago will load. Now”cant connect”. Nothing wrong with my internet or browsers. Tried uninstalling.. Tried restarting… Cleared caches… Nothing works. Facebook does not respond.

Problem with Newsfeed on Mac showing only none or one item. Been going on for more than a week.. Newsfeed on iPhone is fine. I have reported it to FB 3 times but no help from them.

Can’t quick comment on posts. Jumbled words, cursor jumping back and forth, erasing letters and putting in letters. I have checked all my settings etc. This is only happening on Facebook and is not a browser problem. Messed up ever since the new update. The update sucks. I hate it and I’m not the only one. Fix it so I can comment!

Thanks FaceBook! You made it easy to delete my ACCOUNT! YAY!

One or two posts a day showing in my news feed or timeline. This has been going on for two weeks with three separate accounts. Any answers to correctly this problem will be helpful.

Just getting a white screen on my laptop….. Was working last night.

Constant crashing of my android facebookapp. All day.

Facebook is having issues at the moment. Anyone else seeing their feeds not loading properly?

Facebook not loading just a blurry moving screen also on my phone not all posts are loading properly.

facebook not loading just a blurry moving screen

Having the same issue, for thre days now my facebook page loads halfway, cant load notification option, cant load messages unless i force them to the messenger.. But the issue is only in my computer, my phone works well

Having the same problem over the last couple of days. No notifications, or no new notifications. Does not appear to be working.

And me! Reported this to FB 4 times now and nothing’s been followed up. FB have closed my submissions re the problem.

What is wrong with FaceBook?

1) When I click on the notifications icon in the upper right, I most often see no notifications. I would like to see both old and new notifications, just like it used to be.

2) When I click “Home”, I usually see one new item. Then at the bottom there is a “more stories” button. I click on it and the program seems to go into a loop. All I get is that spinning wait symbol.

“There are no more posts to show” keeps appearing. I have accessed FB from my PC and my iphone.

“There are no more posts to show right now” with only a few posts showing in the news feed.

I have very limited news feed and it’s mainly selling sites.. my husbands is ok. This has been for nearly a week now. We have compared settings and everything is the same… HELP!!

I have the same problem, only a few news feeds, cleared history and caches, still not working. Sent sever complaints to FB, not reply! My friend also is having the same problem, we both have Apple IMACs.

Same problem. It’s 100% a bug on facebook since settings are the same and it happens both on pc and iphone

My newsfeed/timline has been empty for 5 days now and I keep getting a message to find friends. It’s the same on Android and PC . I know that friends are posting but everything is blank. Think Facebook needs a kick up the backside !!

If we delete all the cookies and stored info just from Facebook, will we loose most of our content as well? Would that be a solution? or is Zuckerberg empire looking to get more $$$?! Not going to happen in our world-wide-web! Later greed!

Newsfeed does not work, after 4-5 posts tells me to get more friend (Norway).

Cannot schedule posts. With or without pics, with or without links. Doesn’t matter. NOTHING works.

Albums are screwed up. When you post photos they take them out of order that you want them and its annoying. Please Fix!! Having a group on facebook we have covers to our albums and you cant keep them where you want them any longer. Plus when labeling a photo it will not take so you end up adding it twice or three times before it will add.

No top stories or recent stories on my news feed for the last 7 days

No, Rachel Lynn, they got rid of ‘Trending”, not the newsfeed. Which is still gone, by the way. Without the newsfeed, you can’t see what ANYONE posts.

No news feed on iphone, iPad or laptop for 5 days. Clearly there is a problem. I have reset my phone, internet connections uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing. Total BS Facebook.

It happened to me yesterday. Has your problem been solved in the last 24 days?

My newsfeed is missing on mobile app and computer browser!

It’s been 5 DAYS of no newsfeed here in good ol’ Brownsburg, Indiana! I’ve made MULTIPLE reports….NOTHING. I guess Zuck doesn’t have enough money to fix it. And it is NOT my server or browser. Idiots.

I had read on my facebook about a week ago that they were getting rid of the Newsfeed.

My news feed is doing the same as everyone one here. It will not load nothing at all. An when I login on the internet all i see is as. So frustrating

I can’t get on my newsfeed or profile…it’s either blank or old stuff. Been over 12 hours now. My friends can’t load my page either?

Won’t load any news feed, crashes after a few seconds but stays open running in background. Blank screen

News feed blank for 3 days on pc, says No posts to show…

me too. no one seems to know what to do about it as I have asked my FB friends. Reported it to FB but most people say it will be a long time before anyone gets back to me, if they ever do. Oh well, nothing we can do I guess.

I have had the same stuff on my newsfeed for days! This is annoying.

This is total BS. As soon as I can get in to do so, I am totally quitting Facebook.

This is going on 3 days now. Open Facebook, scroll, Facebook shuts down, and throws me back to my home page on my iPhone. This is total BS.

Shuts down when scrolling!

I CANNOT POST ANYTHING ON MARKETPLACE. Keep getting red warnings about my posts having issues and not posted. These are some of the very same items I’ve posted months ago. What is wrong?

Entire News Feed is missing on both DT and MOB platforms since @20:00 ET.

Some friends with Iphones are complaing that FB keeps crashing after the new update!

Account switcher is missing

Experiencing problems in Facebook. Screen blacks out and when scrolling it suddenly halts and spins.

My Facebook page on shows a few post and randomly shuts off! All day today!!!!

My news feed is really acting up. Only loads like one or two posts and if I try and force it load more it just has that spinning wheel at the bottom, then the app will shut off. It also will shut off the app randomly if I go into a post and try to read them or comment. I have an IPhone 6splus. Any ideas what is going on?

Facebook newsfeed is really messed up…keeps showing me things from two days ago…

I haven’t been able to login for 2 days using my phone. Got in once on my kindle fire though. Keep getting message about maintenance and to try in a few hours.

For at least a week i have been having problems with Facebook. Newsfeed and most recent are either not loading or if it does only one or two posts. And it keeps booting me off repeatedly. This is on my iPhone 8. It happens at home and at work. Ive rebooted my phone, computer and deleted app and reinstalled. Nothing works. I’ve reported it repeatedly with screenshots and of course with no response. Guess they could give a damn less!!

I am having the same exact issue.

Haven’t been able to log in for FOUR DAYS. Tried changing passwords, tried using an alternate account, tried creating a new account, the account keys they send back (two at a time, every time)–no matter what I do, I dead-end at a page that says FB is under maintenance but I should be able to get back on in a few minutes.

FOUR DAYS of this.

Anyone know what’s going on?????

I can’t seem to get past the first 10 notifications before my phone starts to reload the page and take me back to the top. So yeah, I can’t see any old notifications.

Something is amiss with news feed! All older posts have disappeared all I am seeing is new posts. Anyone know what is causing this and how I can get to the older posts from my friends.

All of my posts have disappeared. Nothing seems to be loading. So frustrating.

FB android app won’t load at all. Uninstalled, reinstalled, still won’t load

Not able to open FB today!! Won’t work on my fire tablet or my S8. Worked just fine last night. On the tablet i have cleared, force stopped and re installed. Super frustrating since I’ve never had problems before. My accounts not deactivated since others can still access my page. Daughter can still access her account on Apple so I’m assuming an Android problem??

Same here, it looks like thousands of people are having issues since the last fb update.

News feed stands as it was 3 days ago. Though phone’s Internet Explorer, it is up-to-date and however lists (Only) the first brief line of each Comment and Reply.

My news feed isn’t working. This is he 2nd day. I’m using Facebook on an iPhone 7. It’s very frustrating.

RE: my Business Page—unable to send out Friend Requests or even pull up people enrolled in the Community. Emailed Facebook all last week about it. Received nothing but a standard reply. Never happened before, been on FB since 2009. Anyone else having problems like this?

My news feed hasn’t loaded normally for over a month. Doesn’t matter what device, I don’t get more than one or two updates at a time. I’ve reported it multiple times, but no response.

my mobile and timeline photo albums are invisible. can someone help. I can’t see any of my friends mobile or timeline albums either. it said locked for a couple hours on Thursday than this

My news feed has not updated in two days

Facebook is showing everything from the past few days and nothing from today!

Facebook isn’t showing anything on my newsfeed… just a message to get more friends… very frustrating!

Facebook hasn’t been working for me properly for 3 days. It’s pretty much unusable at the moment on any browser.

Why have I been getting notifications, hours and in some cases up to 2 days late, for the past 2-3 days?

facebook is taking FOREVER to load. That’s if it loads at all. What’s going on. Did someone hack it?

FB Marketplace loads, but won’t let me message anyone selling something I want to buy. How do you contact FB to see if they are having problems?

Having problems loading notifications.. Marketplace and such will not load

Finally got my news feed posts back!

I Cant Acess Some Pages. Been That Way Since THURSDAY!!!!!!

two news stories load then it won’t load anymore you can see it trying to load under the white screen weird I miss the news feed today sure hope they fix it

News Feed just flickers, no posts. Been this way since late morning. Only on my laptop! Phone works. Seems odd to me.

Nothing loading but “people you may know” and ads. Flickering like it’s trying to load things. Only on laptop (MacBook Pro, Safari 11.0.3) iPhone Facebook works fine.

I’m not getting people’s or group posts on my news feed only sponsored posts and recommended friends! Reported it but doubt if I’ll get a response/

Exactly the same here, all day. Only on my laptop, I get my news feed on my phone. This is weird.

Having same problem with Facebook feed not loading. It’s only on the laptop, and I’ve tried Chrome and IE.

Mine is only on my laptop.

Same here, since mid-morning. No News Feed. Totally frustrating, and no response from FB!!

Facebook has been messed up all day long. Just flickers then I get a message that say if I want to see anything to find friends…I have friends!

Yep. Same here! News Feed not loading!!! Saturday, May 5, 2018, 3:10 PM.

Facebook feed won’t load. Just flickering and nothing loading.

Same flickering here, though feed eventually loads. Scrabble app not working at all.

Same thing here… lots of flickering, ads show up for a split second then go away, then more flickering. It’s pretty annoying.

Can go to other people’s pages. On all the pages, mine too, there is a much more rapid response than usual.

Seems safe to say FB has a problem with the feed. Is it a “denial of service attack?”

Denial-of-service. “Denial of service is when someone decides to make your network or firewall useless and unavailable to others by disrupting it, crashing it, jamming it, or flooding it. The problem with denial of service on the Internet is that it is impossible to prevent.”

Facebook feed just flickering, not loading. What’s up?

What is going on? my News feed just keep flickering and nothing loads?

Same problem… I’m afraid FB doesn’t like my politics, and passion for protecting Constitutional Rights. Hate to think they’d throttle my usage of FB altogether, but…

I haven’t been able to post comments on FB for several days despite a variety of attempts to find a solution. I’ve grown so tired of all these FB “bugs” that I’m thinking it’s time I should finally leave it.

Have not been able to do anything on FB on my phone.Feeds have not loaded for 2 days. Have latest update, uninstalled, tried again. Now I can’t even log in. I’m tired of this

For two days now facebook feed is not loading. Will show one or two posts and that’s it… Crazy!

My fb news feed shows me a handful of posts then tells me if I want to see more then I need to find friends. This has been happening for a few days and I can’t stand it. I even liked a lot of new pages and groups to try to fix the issue but it didn’t work. If this issue isn’t resolved then I have no motivation to remain on facebook.

For two days now, my FB News Feed is not loading, I get one or two stories and then it won’t load anymore therefore, not allowing me to scroll. I have tried logging out and in again, used two different computers and three different browsers and I get the same problem each time.

Same here. I have tried logging out and back in again, using 4 different browsers, 4 different computers and 2 mobile devices and it is the same with every single one of them. I get one new story, about 5 or 6 old ones from days ago and then something telling me that if I want to see more that I need to add friends. I have contacted support but they never get back to you. No one that I know is having this issue but me.

I’m having the same issue and have been for a couple of days. I felt like fb was trolling me when it told me to find friends. lol.

facebook down since april 29

When I goto facebook marketplace it will not let me open anything I click on been this way all week .I even uninstalled app and reinstalled . It will load marketplace page and even lets me know of new items near me but when I click on item it won’t open . I also sell on there and haven’t been able to renew my adds?

I have been having problems with Facebook and Marketplace posting items for 3 weeks now. I can post on the yard sale sites and on Marketplace on Facebook but I am the only one that can see the post. I have changed my password for or five times, uninstall and reinstall Facebook, rebooted it a hundred times and nothing is working to fix this problem. I can post on my regular Facebook site and yes my friends can see it but that’s as far as it goes. I have left numerous messages under the help center but get no response. If I have done something and I was blocked I never received notification and it all started when I downloaded the newest version of Facebook which state in my old Facebook was out of date.

facebook marketplace not loading ?

my newsfeed is not scrolling

When I try to click on Most Recent in my newsfeed it is not showing things in the most recent order? What is up with that?

Same issue here, which i’ve had for a couple of weeks now. Reported to facebook twice, nothing has changed!

Not getting any group notifications

images don’t load when i log into fb.

No update for me in over 24 hours. See the same thing since yesterday.

Had same problem which started over 24 hours ago. Ok so I don’t know if this will work for everyone but it worked for me.( android, galaxy s7edge ) went to Google play, searched for Facebook and Uninstalled the app. Then it gave me two options.; To update or install. I updated the app and reinstalled after it updated and it worked! Hope this helps!

Thanks Valerie, will try that.

Thanks for the info Valerie. It seems to have worked for me.

Is anyone havi g issue with marketplace

It’s been three weeks now… Marketplace not working. I can list items but doesn’t get views publicly.

That’s happening to me too .I listed a lot of things but no one has viewed I’m at all which is very unlikely since I’ve listed similar stuff and gotten messages like crazy 2 hours later

As of 10 April 2018, I need to refresh the website to see my notifications since I no longer receive them when leaving it on hold, when this wasn’t the case a week ago.

Same problem here. On my laptop The “write something” box doesn’t scroll, therefore blocking my business page. Luckily the problem doesn’t exist on my smart phone but it’s very annoying as I work mostly on my laptop for my business.

My page doesn’t scroll properly. “Write Something” template won’t scroll away. Blocks view of page. WTH?

Business page news feed not scrolling properly all going under the write something block & can’t see posts or add a post! Not happy need to run my business!

Haven’t been able to login to Facebook for 6 days.

Same as Ditts. Newsfeed loads 2 stories only. My home page still works fine.

I am only getting two posts, too. I am not getting any comments either.

facebook suddenly isn’t working. cant even get into marketplace

Not sure – driving me mad.

Tara Nikelis, I am having same problem, it worked a few hours ago.

Only showing 2 posts as of this morning – what do I need to change, or is there a problem?

Facebook closes and goes black, skips, acting wired. April 4

April 4, Facebook shits off goes black, skips all over

Did anyone problem solved !

Is Facebook down can’t get in at all ???????

My FB won’t let me in. Crazy.

Cant post. Started yesterday late evening, and this morning still not posted

Unable to post is business pages. My personal page works fine but my post box is missing on my business page for the last two days. I am unable to post anything. I have rebooted, resigned it and it still isn’t working. Any one have any ideas for solutions?

I can’t post on my Facebook business page….from at least 12 hours ago!

Once I check my notifications on the app for iphone, I can’t get back to my newsfeed. And also, there’s no tab for “most recent.” Annoying.

Marketplace will not show me local items within the range i have selected. Been using it for over a year now but just now having problems. Its showing me items for sale 3 states over. From every state but my own. Tried resetting location settings and nothing works!

My newsfeed is not working correctly.

Facebook won’t show me my messages or news feed, 2 days now? A lot of people here have the same problem, is anybody from the Facebook Team answering the questions or saying what the fault is??

facebook so slow to load this week im on pc btw

Facebook won’t show me anything using the app. I can use it without the app, but cannot post anything from outside Facebook. So much for their recent app update..all was fine until Iupdated!

Facebook loads for me but some images take a billion years to show up. I click on one thing and it brings me somewhere else. I tried to share links in a couple of groups I frequent daily and they were removed without me or the admin. doing so. They even logged me out and told me that my account was locked. I spent 10 minutes unlocking it. When I did finally get back in the wouldn’t let me post any links anywhere. No one knows what’s going on, but one fellow blogger has had this problem since yesterday.

Messenging won’t open. I cannot view postings.Facebook is fully operational. Have rebooted, signed out and back into my FB account and emptied my cache/browsing history. What to do?

I am giving up. Sadly, I read, tried, posted but am unable to connect to those inquiries on items I’m trying to sell. This site is simple, but until the app’s administrators actually communicate with you I refuse to live in a constant state of frustration..I’ll stick with eBay and Craig’s List. It’s a good concept, but until they get the bugs out, it’s worthless.

I feel the same way. Having the same problem

so depressing….. i need my FB Marketplace back to normal!

Yes my face book when I click on it has shown The same news feed for over 4 days. The only way I can move it forward is to go up to the menu for current feed. Is this a problem with a recent update

For the past few days on my HP Windows 7 laptop I have had these issues within Facebook. #1. Messenging won’t open. #2. I cannot view postings with video. #3. There are not options for “Like” etc, sharing or comments on the bottom of the posts. Interestingly enough my Samsung Galaxy S5 is fine. Facebook is fully operational. Yes, I have rebooted, signed out and back into my FB account and emptied my cache/browsing history. What to do?

I have exactly the same problem. Have you been able to cure yours yet?

Appears to be functional again.

same deal here, and with many of my buddies. Why do they not tell us what is going on? Is this how the end of net neutrality works? is it the Russians? Another bunch of cyberjerks?

I am experiencing the same thing on all my Microsoft platforms but it works fine on my Android platforms, Cellphone and tablets

Exactly the same thing on all my MS platforms but it works fine on Android platforms

I can add comments to existing posts, but when I try to update my own status the image fades to gray with an X in the upper right corner!

I have access to Facebook, which is more than I had but no pictures show up, just white boxes. Help!

Glad I’m not alone! The post box disappears and I can’t post anything. *sigh*

Can’t make new posts on my page or in my group

No place to make new posts on my home page but business page is working. Can comment on other’s pages. Same with my wife so we don’t think it’s “facebook jail”. Anyone else having that issue?

Glad it’s not just me. Tried several times to update my FB status. The box pops up, then disappears and I’m left with a darkened screen

me too, also glad it isn’t just me!

exactly….just started this morning. I was able to post until about 7am est…then bam, no more.

Are you experiencing this only on Microsoft Windows platforms only? My android products work properly but my Windows OS laptop experiences the issues that everyone is talking about.

facebook stinks lately !!! it is too dang slow, at times just plain freezes up! Is this another DDos attack????

I can’t even see some of my friend’s profiles it comes up with a gumbled page!

Facebook Marketplace is saying I can’t view the page and I have to appeal? What? Why? Anyone else having the same issues?

Facebook Group Albums are not loading correctly for Laptop Computer users & they have not been for over a week. The pictures & Album Title seem to load fine, it is descriptions & comments for each individual item or picture that are not loading correctly. It seems that once a description is entered per item, only 1 of those descriptions (1st or last depending) is repeated through all of the item descriptions within that album. Same with the comments for each individual item/picture. The comments seems to go to each item & do not stay within that particular item. Thanks

Facebook will NOT load on my computer or phone!

Just the top of the page loads. I can see notifications but can’t open anything.. Can’t post.. Central Florida…

My Marketplace shows a blank screen when I search for anything.

Can’t update status and upload picture on facebook page since last night,

same problem for me today…28th Feb.

it is 17:00 o’clock now in Kyrgyzstan, February 22,2018, I was online and checking newsfeed for about 15 minutes from 16:45 -16: 40 and now both web version and mobile facebook is down, page is blank.

was fine last night, now this moring it acts like it doesn’t exist.. not even the website works.. I tried to create a new accout and it wont even let me do that.. its on comuter, phone and ipad.. ???whats going on??

Some FB feed will not load. Had this problem since last Friday.

Can’t log in since yersterday has facebook been hacked.

Has anyone below after yesterday been able to get back in yours?

looks like no one is helping us.. not one reply

I haven’t been in for 2 days. Don’t understand

A comment left on ONE photo in an album, is copied to EVERY photo in the album. Reported by multiple groups (yard sale, selling groups).

Only loading 1/2 way..loading just keeps trying…tried reload page but does nothing?

I can’t post in my own group using the app. It crashes as soon as I click to go to it.

Same thing for me. All of my other groups work. It’s only on my phone. My computer is fine it’s my business group so it’s super annoying and inconvenient

Facebook is loading impossibly slow after Mac High Sierra update 10.13. 2

No one can see my sale posts on auction sites. What a pain.

I get a screen to login or join, but after clicking to login. It doesn’t do anything.

What is happening to me is that Fascistbook, excuse me, Facebook, tried to claim that I was hacking into my own account, then when I tried to log back into the website, it told me to answer some security questions. I tried to answer them, as well as changed my password, and it STILL would not let me log into my page as I do normally. I have not violated the TOS of the website and, had I done so, then I would have received such a message on my screen when I logged into the website, so what gives?

Back on January 3 just before midnight my time also known as eastern time (I live in Connecticut), extending until midday on January 6 no notifications emails of any type were sent to me even if I always have the emails sent and they were suddenly stopped without warning . This includes the daily birthday email notification too and those so far were not sent on January 4 5 6 and 18! and last year I kept track of how often fhey weren’t sent and will share it if requested. I keep reporting all these problems to the stupid ineffective report it feature yet nothing gets done and In eventually get blocked

My dad’s Facebook is only showing two posts, and none if you sort by most recent. We’ve updated and reinstalled the app, but no change.

Mine not 2..I can see two posts on my newsfeed & thats it..grrrrrrr

Asked me to update my app and now it’s not working properly

There is a problem in the facebook messages. Whenever i try to open a message, it says “Could not display conversation.” HELPPPP

Suddenly the recent post are not appearing. Facebook, inept and inert and liberal defines that company

So frustrating..recently Facebook Marketplace has had many issues & I keep getting my general items for sale flagged. Why?

Facebook Marketplace issues recently,..why?

Past 3 days at least, FB has been not loading new post’s and only showing about 4 before the “There are no more posts to show” banner.

FB has booted me out of my second account. Sent pic evidence & driving licence proof it’s me. No response. Emailed 3 times no reply. This has been going on since 1AM New year’s day. Really not happy

Maybe we should buy stock into the company, lead a shareholders’ revolt, kick out Zuckerberg et al, get rid of the polititards on the left, right, middle, AND fringe, make better group and business blockers, and just simply overhaul and fix every single thing that is on the website, Mrs Kathryn Allen?

I’ve been having this same problem for the last week! I log in and it takes forever to load and then half of the page is empty. I wait and sometimes it finally comes on and other times not at all. This is very annoying.

me too, I only see 2 posts now and nothing else loads. any suggestions?

I can’t see any of my friends on my news feed the only thing that comes up is some pages i have liked. I have tried everything in the book. I have switched from top stories to most recent stories. I have changed some of my friends to be see first. I have signed in and signed back out. I have changed my password, etc. I don’t know what else to do. It’s been happening for about a week. Anyone else having these issues or know how to fix it?

same but dont know to fix,,,,,

At least we know we aren’t alone. Perhaps someone will come up with a fix soon

Same problem. Reported it to Facebook several times, no help so far.

Figured out what the problem was. It was not a fb issue, my daughter said it’s the browser, so I uninstalled and reinsalled and viola all fixed. I was using firefox. Good luck.

Thanks, I use Firefox so will try that solution tomorrow.

My news feed just keeps FLASHING every story for about a couple of sec. it won’t stop on one story. It’s not there long enough to like or post comment or share! Very frustrating.

I am having the same issue on Firefox, but not on MS Edge or on Google Chrome.

Have the same issue. Facebook no help so far.

Same thing here. The weird thing is, my mother’s facebook is safe from this bug, but mine flashes and I keep getting pages I don’t care about recommended to me.

Facebook app on my iPhone keeps crashing soon as I connect. I updated it 3 days ago and I have turned the phone off and on with no success. All other apps work fine.What to do?

My Facebook app on my iPhone keeps crashing even though I updated it 3 days ago. Yes,I turned the phone off and on and all other apps work fine. How can I fix this?

Hi . For the past 5 days or so I am not seeing posts from my friends on news feed. I see posts from group’s but not friends. Help .

I am in Brisbane Australia. Same problem. Only shows 2-3 posts and then… “No more posts to show” ??? past 3-4 days too.

Newsfeed only scrolling a few posts and stops.

Newsfeed only scrolling down a few posts since last night December 23, 2017. Also had a white screen for a while.

My share to group option has disappeared. A tremendous inconvenience for sharing certain things in my groups.

Dec. 19, 2017 at noon—for the past few days Facebook has been very glitchy. Comments can’t be made, links on newsfeed posts can’t open, even the Like button sometimes doesn’t register, What gives?

loads incredibly slowwwwwwwww.

news feed won’t load at all. account page won’t load past most recent 2 entries. Emptied cache and cookies in all browsers.

Only able to scroll newsfeed down 15 items then won’t go any further.

from last night: first pics and videos are not seen.. then ireinstall to fix, but does now work. i can’t log back in. then this morning I used a different proxy to login and reset my password. I am now on facebook through the proxy, but I rather use Facebook with my regular internet settings and search engine. I cannot login on my phone at all. Same issue with Instagram, no new pics since Monday.

Pictures won’t load, I am also unable to share anything with others

Photos in facebook completely down. Won’t even load an established album. I’ve tried SIX TIMES! The photo area just goes blank? Everything else is working fine. WTF?

Won’t post 4 pictures and some text. Tried to publish over an hour ago and it is still “taking a while to post” it says. I’m afraid I’m going to lose the post!

Cannot edit a post (wording) misspells word by misplacing the letters. Cannot go back to Notifications if a video was viewed. CANNOT POST TO MY TIMELINE FOR 4 DAYS.

No logout nowvon the computer. I use chrome and can’t log off

Well…at least now I know it’s not my laptop…=/

Won’t load newsfeed today on facebook. It won’t work on phone or desktop. I hope it is fixed soon.

Page won’t refresh today 12/6/17 anyone else?

Me….it started this morning…won’t load my newsfeed. I am in Illinois..I don’t know how far reaching this is.


My messenger is still down on my laptop and android. anyone else still having problems?

Along with their Upgrade they must have Announced ,their is a massive Phishing Scam with FAKE sign-in page’s appear on my iphone ”that i never did” to being on this Laptop and since 2009 ”Never Been Logged Out” especially in a game of Poker. Everyone is being hit repeatdly as this is not going away anytime soon as other’s have already been hit 3 – times with all the same E-Mail and fake sign-in to getting log-in when im all Auto -Sign-in on both platforms ios & windows ….After it all it was only a matter of time as more & more have already Sacked their own Accounts now ,and this is bad buisness as google is a constantly being asked ”whats happing in FBook in 2017 ” page after page of these fourms are filing-up in a massive way ,what to do is what to do is lave it to Facebook to resolve this much needed crap way of Phishing as every program has flaws to easter eggs Ect….and TOOLS THAT KILL IT – F A C T : ) PEACE

I can be on fb for an hour reading my feeds log off & get back on 30 min later & now I see things that were posted 2-3 days ago that I’ve not seen before. Why???

My facebook app won’t load any picture whatsoever, but on my pc it works just fine, tried everything and it’s the same, my friends also have the same problem.

My news feed has been blank for over a month now..I have reported numerous times and nothing…I have tried everything imaginable and nothing helps…

Me, too! I can’t find answers anywhere. My phone, too!

cant load anything whether its on my laptop or on the mobile app

I got no controls at the top in the android app. Can’t see notifications, friend requests or timeline icons

Will not load completely, videos always buffering on my laptop. It is a facebook problem, other videos on You Tube works fine.

Will not update! What’s happening?

fb messenger keep on lagging why oh why….? please fix it

Can’t post ftom facebook mobile. Something went wrong

No login and viewing problems but kust cant post puctutes or plain text

can’t access my pages on FB. Is there any news on whats going on?

Facebook down today? explorer, firefox, and Edge cannot find… My phone app isn’t working either…

FACEBOOK..what is going on. Please fix your technical issues you are having now. Its just spinning and blank. Thank you!

What is wrong FACEBOOK…!!!! Please fix this glitch you have…nothing coming up..just spins

My Facebook not working for over a week now. Cannot login. Have uploaded a face photo, not working. Received reset codes and security codes, not working. Confirmed my mobile number, not working. Received get back on Facebook with one click, not working. I have PAID promotions running on Facebook. You will refund me!!!! I’m in South Africa

I’m in Florida, Can’t access from app or desktop since last night around 8:00..

Cant look up anyone or see anything on my page including photos,then blackout

Messenger not working in central Oregon

unable to view own business page . same with different browsers . otherwise ok . bad for business owners

Unable to upload photos. Error says it needs to be specific filetypes under 4MB. The photo is a 188kb png file….also tried it with the .jpg format.

may problema ba ang facebook or niloloko nanaman ako ng intelco.

Only getting two stories on my news feed.

Can’t post reactions on any comments. App seems to have devolved into an older version.

Can’t look at any comments can’t look up my previous posts just says that the session has been changed and or users have changed their password

FB is more worried about politics than being a social media for all.

Facebook won’t let me share posts from my phone, it just says “send in messenger also can’t post on a friends page

Share option not working all it comes up with is send as message

Cant share anything when i click on share only send asmessage option cones up

Can’t invite friends to Fb page I’m an admin of – just blank loading screen

26 October 2017 Lagging typing slow cannot scroll DOWN and when I do, just a white blank page. Been like this for over a week now. WHAT is going on?? Come ON Mark, DO SOMETHING!!

Everything seems to be working ok, I’m just not getting notifications that someone commented on my stuff, or replies to my comments. I’m getting notified on likes and thats it

Friends from my friends list dissapeared and a friend on my list was blocked on messanger in the middle of our conversation and I didn’t block them I logged in both ways and did the unblocking and cheeked everything and blocked unblocked to see if it changed the problem and it didn’t resolve the issue I reported this to Facebook as zoo. Soon as it happened and I couldn’t pull up old conversations by typing in the search bar and the Facebook website wouldn’t load anyone else have these issues

I cannot upload photos to Facebook since this morning (21 OCT 2017). Keep getting “This content is no longer available” msg – on my own photos! Or “New photos were not uploaded, try again”. Same with my sister’s FB page. Different photos, different servers.

My new feed does not load at all for 4 days already but, explore feed is working fine. It does not load for all devices and browsers. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android app and IOS app.

I get a couple of feeds and then it stops. Very annoying. What gives???

I use fire fox and for 2 or 3 days now most of the posts on my feed only have headlines, no other pictures or info.

My FB news feed hasn’t worked for weeks. I’ve contacted FB help multiple times and get the same instructions each time (none of them work). The running FB feed is over the buttons on the left hand side. The running news feed (which I can’t update) needs to move to the right. Any suggestions? I’m running Safari on a MacBook Pro.

same thing with me, although i’m using Chrome/Windows7. News Feed is now separated into News Feed, that is or at least it is supposed to be updates, likes, comments and posts from normal users that i follow, or are in my friend list, and into Explore Feed, that is dedicated to groups and pages on Facebook …. with the thing that News Feed is now just one huge Glitch or something, because it isn’t updating almost at all. All i see are posts from some people, on random time frames. No likes, no comments, nothing else.

My news feed hasnt been showing posts friends like at all. Ticker has totally disappeared.

Facebook constantly freezes when I click on any picture. I can only reboot it and if I click on another picture on FB only it freezes again. What gives?

My fb has been out for a week now. The site refuses to accept anything from me. What the hell is going on. Come on mark get your thumb out of your ass already. Spend some of your billions and get your shit straight. Too much like yahoo was. Any idea if fb will work again

I have 2 accounts one is loading notifications and the other is not, same Google Chrome browser?

I can’t get notifications

Same here, although its kind of fluctuating

Ok what is the fix if i get white page…poss my web browser or network????

double posts triple posts and when I go to check when some one replies or any thing it comes up PAGE CANNOT BE VIEWED. If it has been removed or deleted then why is every one commenting and liking or what not? Why cant I pull it up?? Cant see my posts after I post them either so I dont know what is posted and what aint until I check the notifications, then get PAGE CANNOT BE VIEWED!! Heck I cant even log out!! Have to SHUT DOWN the whole darn computer!!

Should be back up for everyone now 🙂 Is it?

In philadelpia Pa cannot get facebook to load at all. Presents blank page.

Down in South Florida. Cant even get page to load at all for facebook.

What the heck happened to Facebook here in the Philippines? Kept on receiving an error saying that something went wrong every time I tried to send a friend request!

Facebook is down for required maintenance right now,

Cannot get on fb with computer. On cell phone I can. Strange!

Down in So. California white page only on laptop

Facebook down here in Colombia South America

12 noon. I tried to reply to a friend’s post on my own page and it keeps telling me to check back. Can’t load, can’t update. Blank page. Then tried to reload and am told to check back and they are “working to correct it as fast as they can.” (paraphrase)

Try clearing your history. That brought a lot of my news feed back but not all of it. THe message is still there . I’ve had that message for over a month. FB do not reply if you report it

can’t upload photos, can’t even see my photos, now can’t load it at all. It’s been a mess since I started getting the “NO more posts to show unless I get more friends” over a month ago

Facebook suffering from big problems right now. What is going on for you guys? Website loading for us, but not in some regions?

same here. Website was loading a few minutes ago, so were posts, but I couldn’t access groups, etc. Now the site wouldn’t load either

It was working 5 minutes ago but now won’t load at all. I’m in UK

how sure are you? And sources?

News Feed is driving me mad, it keeps me to add more friends to see more posts or that I need to start adding friends. I have an active friends account but I am lucky if I can see 2 posts a day! How can I see all of the newsfeed again?

Keeps saying add more friends only see 2 or 5 post

Facebook is all screwed up, they keep asking for my picture which I gave them and it takes forever for them to unlock my page. I use it on my phone and they say to try to connect from a phone, wtf they don’t have their act together! Pretty soon I’m gonna close my accounts with them

Me, too. So frustrating. No reply so far. Have you heard anything?

Comments, posts and opinion icons missing. Using Safari on a mac.

I have the same problem and also using Safari and a Mac.

I can’t see any comments on posts, nor can I like or comment on posts. Also, my messenger doesn’t work. I changed my password and contacted Facebook twice, but to no avail.

Can see posts but not comments on my Mac. My iPad and phone are fine

Same problem with my Mac.

I’ve got over 700 friends yet only seeing a few friends posts. Seeing same posts for two or more days. Seeing all posts from one or two friends and none from most others. Been like this for a week or more. Generally the newsfeed is poor. Now it’s pathetic.

I started using Facebook Friendly and whilst it is clunky it doesn’t have this issue.

Since the update Facebook is no longer working on my ipad or android phone. It makes no difference how many times you uninstall and reinstall makes no difference at all. Facebook can only be accessed on my PC.

News feed isn’t updating stuck on same old post each time I open fb

I’ve been having this issue for just over a week now. Most recent feed and top posts feeds aren’t updating, I’m over it. Sent 8 bug reports to Facebook with no reply

Needed feed isn’t updating stuck on same older post

Cannot scroll through posts, Find Friends comes up and can’t get past it.

I cannot see very many posts on the newsfeed. It tells me to add more friends to see more posts. How can I see all of the newsfeed again

It’s been happening since as far back as 2013. FB give no reply to reports. At midnight ALL my news feed disappers then builds up gradually with the next day but at most it only shows ONE day. Have googled for hours and there’s no fix. Seems to be a bug

I’m only seeing 1 or 2 posts then it says add more friends to see more. If I refresh it they are different posts sometimes old ones sometimes new ones. Still only 1 or 2 tho. The see recent shows ones from months ago. Think it’s time to get my pics off well I still can n there still there.

same here for over a week now. No reply from FB

I have not had news feed since May 25th. I report to Facebook daily and just get an auto response. This is crazy.

I have not had news feed since May 25th. Report through Facebook daily and just get auto responses. This is crazy.

Cannot get a thumbnail on any video ,I.e.Youtube,Daily motion etc..Not just my video but all videos as of September 23 yesterday?The weird thing is at the top of my Facebook page there is a “View As”Which is how other people view your page and the thumbnails are still there and the videos work fine.What has happen and is this only a temporary clinch? Please let me know–Thank-You..At present when you click the video you get diverted to the site the video comes from I.E. Youube?I am in Cambridge U.K. As John Lennon said–“Help”.

my wife’s and 2 daughters accounts are shut down

I have not been able to enter FB for two days…. Sep 14 and today sep 15… Whos, Who knows what happens??????

i see all post are white screen, what should i do, the videos don’t load flash player update. its a damm

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada – just blank screen–can see that there are notifications and 1 Messenger message but can’t access them

cannot view photographs – spinning wheels … trying to act like a hurricane ain’t funny .. guantanamerica

Can’t login to my acc, can’t access any of facebook ads or fan page. Just white blank screen. nothing on it.

Posts are not loading on Facebook. Just white screens with rotating circles.

Am I the only who experiences this, for those who can access Facebook? The load after I sign in seemed to take longer than the usual time. Accessing pages to load, checking messages and notifications also take a bit longer as well.

im also experiencing the same problem…

Ticker not loading & unable to view photos, stating content is not avail or is empty space… Northern NY

It’s down in Tucson area.

been down aug 2017 for the last half hour so annoying

It say theres a site issue , been going on too long now

Get a blank page here in the Midwest.

Since 9 am in Miami, FB down

Not working since past 30-40mins


cant post anything or reply since after that latest ios update today (26.08.2017) here in ksa

Down in NY, first could not respond to posts or IM’s – now will not even open

Can’t pull my newsfeed or profile up properly. Can’t click on links and can’t repost. Down in Girard, KS

Not working in Upstate NY

Facebook not working in upstate NY

Not working in upstate NY

Not able to post anything, Missouri

Facebook down in texas. Tried on phone.

not working in Connecticut – it’s deleting messages

facbook is down August 26, 2017 Pennsylvania.

Also does anyone know why since yesterday when I type a comment, it double types it – it posts the original and then it shows up as the same comment below it but with no option to “post”. Something very weird is going on.

Yes, been doing that to me for a few days too

I’ve been getting a lot of that as well. Also, when someone comments and the popup comes up for me to re-comment it always locks up when I click post

Not working on Chrome without shift f5 key and then won’t refresh without shift f5 again. Is it Chrome or facebook? Works fine on IE so I’m supposing it is Chrome?

Not working in the upper thumb of michigan (USA)

Not working in Ohio (USA).

Not working on Chrome Hastings UK

Facebook just stopped working in Lexington,North Carolina

Facebook not working in Lexington,North Carolina

Facebook not working? Norfolk, UK

I have same problem …The blue navigation bar (search option, messages, friend requests etc) has disappeared!?

Not working on Chrome. Mid-Atlantic state.

3 days now with just a white screen Grrrrrrr

I have been having problems with news feed all day both on my iPad & iPhone – only a couple of posts are showing. On my laptop I can see more posts but it doesn’t seem to be updating

Having the same issue. The newsfeed on my homepage (on computer AND iPhone) no longer shows posts from family/friends. At MOST I see a few posts before reaching the end of the feed with the message “add friends to see more stories” I do not WANT to add “new friends”…and should not have to add virtual strangers just to see posts from my friends and family. I have reported this problem numerous time…NO response from FB and the problem persists. If this is the new way they’ve structured the newfeed, am going to just delete my account…what’s the point if I can’t keep in touch with my family/friends.

my facebook page has been down since last night 7-24-17—anyone else–i live in steubenville oh

I’m having same problem I’m in UK x


Started using Google Chrome instead of Safari on my IMac and am no longer having any problems. Hmmmmmm!

Keep getting Facebook has stopped message even when I’m not even attempting to open Facebook. Been this way last 3 or 4 hours. Using FB app on Android. Message has popped up 8 times just while writing THIS!

I have been getting messages all day that “Facebook has stopped working” and such. Tried reporting it but I have no idea if that went thru. I can sometimes scroll to one or two posts then it stops. Usually I am getting nothing.

I keep getting an error message that says “the process Facebook has closed.”

I am a moderator on a Facebook Group and I have been having problems tagging new members to certain posts on my page. I am also having problems searching the group for members…It’s like they don’t exist, but they do. I see them participating on my page. Also, I cannot add new moderators to my group. When I search for them to be added it can’t find the member. How do I fix these problems? It’s greatly affecting my ability to run my group.

When i hit “Comment”, I do not get the tiny, vertical line at the beginning of the comment line. Consequently, I cannot make a comment on FB. This started a few weeks ago. How can I restore the ability to make comments?

Issues; notifications tab will not load help or more tab… does not load when first open does two three posts then stops.

I’ve been having problems with the Member Requests in groups for several days now. When trying to review and vet the hundreds of requests, Facebook will only show so many, then wants to load the next batch down the page. That is typical, but now it just hangs and hangs and HANGS when trying to load that next batch. This makes an already tedious job unbearable.

Facebook has been rather sucky lately. Doesn’t want to load notifications. Doesn’t want to let me share anything. Doesn’t want to open comments either to read them or to make them. Maybe Zuckerburg and Co. ought to slow down on all that user data storage. On pc using Chrome and using Firefox.

Facebook messages won’t download, only lets me “like”, none of the other reactions come up when I hover, group pages and some posts take forever to load or won’t at all. This is on a Surface Pro in the Phoenix area.

I have been having issues with Facebook all week. This morning, it keeps crashing. I am on the West Coast.

I can’t take it anymore with Facebook. Can’t do searches, can’t log off, friend list doesn’t fully load. What’s going on with it? I am back and forth thru 5 different browsers, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and AOL browser thinking something will give me less trouble. Why is Facebook acting up like this? I wish they fix it already. They get us addicted to these social media sites and they don’t keep up with the maintenance. Stress, stress, stress on me and others too!

This is the 3rd day I cannot post anything to my statusor upload pictures. I have been reporting it to FB but nothing has been done.

My wife tried to post a picture, it showed up in her personal page but took 24 hours before it posted to the public/Family page.

I am unable to open my notifications and messages. Each attempt it appears as though it will open but nothing happens. Timeline and Home page will not load properly. I can only view one or two post from my home page and I am unable to post to my timeline. How do I correct this problem?

Yesterday it wouldn’t let me switch from my timeline to my home page. Trying to post a photo resulted in it hanging. After 20 or so tries I could get to home page, but still couldn’t post photo. Today is essentially the same problems. Pretty aggravating.

I cannot post anything to my status. I get pop up error messages that say: “Arguments are invalid” and “We couldn’t post this. Tap for more info.” Been going on for the last week. So frustrating.

facebook not loading images! been a few days now…any word?

I can’t see my page or any of my friends’ pages. The profile and cover photos show but that’s all besides a white screen with gray boxes. The newsfeed is fine.

I have tried for days to get stuff to pull up on my facebook. NOTHING WORKS!!!! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!

Facebook isnt loading just a spinning while, I can sign in but it loads really slow so FB is down right now.

Facebook is down on April 21st, images or nothing loading. I get a cant view page on Safari and see reports on Twitter every second about the outage today.

i cant believe this stuff try click on friends fb page it won,t even load 3 to 4 days now still no fix i even restored my computer thought i had malware viruses everything else is working fine except that one big fat problem i hate it it does all my names including my one friends

Still getting white pages after login, anyone else? Now we are in November I was hoping things would change, guess not for me.

I can’t get onto my facebook I keep getting asked to provide photo ID that I do not have, Ive had the same account since 2010. Its not saying I’m locked out my account it’s just saying Fbook will get in touch if it needs anymore information… This has been happening since yesterday afternoon, Any ideas on when this is going to be fixed as I don’t want to lose all my photos again I lost hundreds of important photos when Bebo closed it’s site down.

Facebook is down still here in Eastern North Carolina. Day 3.

I been getting a white page since 2PM yesterday, Oct 11th.

White page on log in, had this a lot throughout October.

Facebook problem cant load the app on iPhone.

My Facebook app wont work on Oct 10, not happy as it’s the weekend.

Found Facebook down for last hour, but got it working again by logging out and back in again.

Loads of problems with Facebook in Los Angeles, CA and been like it for last 24 hours off and on. The website and messenger app are unusable at times.

Since Tuesday 10-6-15 Facebook is nothing but a black page for two days- I try to log into Facebook and get nothing – tried a different computer – same response ! Pretty soon I’m just going to eliminate Facebook all together ! Fix the damn thing !

That is supposed to be a BLANK PAGE – WHITE BLANK PAGE !

On the same computers, my husband can log in but I am on 4th day of blank white page preceded by notice of login on different browser. No other browser was ever used. Have clicked “this was me” multiple times. Have saved “other” browser. I’ve cleared and cleaned house, even with the help of an advisor for my system. It’s a big happy FB cluster muster and no word from FB although the help page asking for reports has promised me an email. chirp chirp . . .

Facebook is messed up once again, as images not loading in news feed.

Pages not loading right on Facebook, no pictures or vids.

Facebook pictures and videos not loading.

Is there any current problems with Facebook today, Oct 2015?

FB is working in Germany! Hope the problem is solved. 22:49

Facebook still down as at 9.35pm. From a user in Dorset.

Netherlands no Facebook 🙂 have some conversations with people living in my house now. Hi Dad, hi mum what have you been up to?

Here , everything wrong since 2 days in Phuket……

No Facebook tonight on any device including iPad. Other people in my area still have it, so what the hell is going on. So frustrating

No Facebook here in North Carolina–near Raleigh.

Not able to login using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. 20.55, 28 Sept. 2015

Facebook is down in Bratislava, Slovakia. I was trying to open on Android, iOS and Chrome browser from Windows PC – doesn’t work at all.

Facebook is down in Kent, UK. It wont open at all in web browsers on my computer, in the Android or iOS apps. Total outage around the world by the looks of it.

Facebook is down with failed to open on Sept 28.

Something went wrong, this is the message I get when trying to login to Facebook today. Servers down with a sorry error, I think the iPhone and Android app is working right now.

I cant login to Facebook September 24th, I’m in NY.

Facebook is not working, keeps saying something went wrong.

Facebook is down, Sept 24 UK evening.

Our nonprofit’s Facebook page is completely blank on the left side. We also lost all our messages a few weeks ago and it appars this might have happened again since we cannot even retrieve or view any of them. What is going on? Please fix this issue ASAP!!

I can’t post photos on fb and send messages to other people.

facebook deleted my husband’s happy birthday post…bugger off

FB messenger is not working on Sept 2, wondering if others have issues today.

I haven’t forgot my password, but FB wont let me sign in at the website or within iOS apps, is Facebook down?

facebook news feed is not working yet again.

is facebook down at the moment? cant bring up the login page.

Cant access Facebook in india, been trying all day May 19. Is it down elsewhere?

Nothing but a white page again, why does this keep happening when I log into FB?

My Facebook isn’t working, I try to sign in and it won’t let me.

Android facebook app not working, even when using the manual log on.

Slow to load and not refreshing, having these problems in Arkansas.

I can’t even like posts today, they need to sort these problems guys.

Managed to sign in but get a white page rather than my FB newsfeed?

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Author: Melissa Brown

How your Christmas lunch menu could help Aussie producers hit by China

How your Christmas lunch menu could help Aussie producers hit by China

As trade relations with China hit new lows and the coronavirus recession takes its toll, producers are urging Australians to buy local and make their Christmas lunch menus a little bit different this year.

And lobster-lovers, you’re in luck.

Over the past few months, China has been introducing more and more tariffs on an expanding range of goods and services from Australia, causing even more financial strain to businesses suffering during the pandemic.

In May, China slapped an 80 per cent tariff on Australian barley, then blacklisted four Australian abattoirs shortly after.

In September, it suspended wheat exporters from trading.

Our cotton, timber and rock lobster exports have also suffered from the trade stoush.

To make matters worse, China recently put tariffs exceeding 200 per cent on Australian wine and this week suspended the importation of more Australian beef.

Luckily, you can help.

If you’ve always wanted to try Australia’s famous rock lobster but couldn’t afford it, your moment has arrived.

The trade war with China has left seafood processors and commercial fishers cut off from their usual Chinese customers, so they will be eager to sell the crustaceans locally.

  • Read: China’s lobster ban means cheaper Christmas treats – and an industry on the ropes

This means significantly cheaper prices – in some cases, by 30 per cent.

“The retailing price for a lobster at the moment is between $75 and $95 a kilo, depending on what size the customer is looking for,” said Kyri Toumazos, executive officer of South Australian Northern Zone Rock Lobster.

“The same time last year, prices were approximately $100-125 to a kilo.”

Mr Toumazos said he expected the lobster sector would have enough supply to deliver lobsters at those prices right until the end of the festive season.

But while it’s good news for shoppers, it’s a painful time for fishies – China usually buys more than 90 per cent of our lobster exports.

“It’s been extremely difficult,” Mr Toumazos told The New Daily.

“But to be honest, we are working very hard with our customers in China because they’ve been our business partners for a long time now, going to four decades.”

To help out Australian wine producers hit by China’s huge tariffs, make sure you buy local wine for the Christmas table.

You’ll be joining millions of others around the world who have also been urged to buy our wine as part of a campaign aimed at showing Chinese President Xi Jinping that the world will not be intimidated by his “bullying of Australia”.

The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC), comprising more than 200 MPs from a range of political parties and representing 19 nations’ legislatures, launched the campaign to convince people to buy and drink Australian wine in December, as a show of solidarity.

With world-famous wine regions like the Barossa Valley right here, there’s really no excuse to look further afield.

Fortunately, Australia’s prawn industry has not been hit by China’s tariffs or export bans because most of the prawns we catch are sold locally anyway.

But the sector has struggled during the coronavirus pandemic, and producers are urging Australians to buy locally this year more than ever.

“I think buying locally is really important because they had a pretty big hit during March, April and May on their prices,” said Simon Clark, executive officer of Spencer Gulf and West Coast Fishermen’s Association in South Australia.

“Families, crews, the people they employ got hit, so buying Australian prawn products is really good for us, and the people in the supply chain like the truckies and the fishmongers.”

For Christmas lunch, Mr Clark recommended marinating some prawns with fresh herbs like green tarragon, oregano and coriander with a squeeze of lime then cooking them on the BBQ.

Just like the prawn industry, Australia’s pig farmers need you to buy locally this Christmas.

There’s an easy way to do it, said Margo Andrae, the CEO of Australian Pork Limited.

“If it’s got a bone, it’s one of our own,” she told The New Daily. 

Anything on the bone is guaranteed to be Australian pork due to strict biosecurity laws prohibiting the importation of meat on a bone.

Another way to ensure your Christmas ham is local, is to look closely at the bar chart under the green and gold kangaroo sticker.

If the number in the bar chart is over 90 per cent, it means the pork was made in Australia, and doesn’t contain imported pork.

“We get smashed by imports around ham and bacon normally, so Christmas really is the opportunity to get the ham with the bone in,” Ms Andrae said.

“A boned-in Christmas ham is a great staple as part of the Christmas table.”


Author: Samantha Dick Reporter

Brexit news: EU trade no deal chances surge as Angela Merkel attacked | UK

Brexit news: EU trade no deal chances surge as Angela Merkel attacked | UK

Earlier this week Boris Johnson warned a breakdown in trade talks is now “very, very likely” and set the end of Sunday as a deadline for further progress. The UK is negotiating with the EU in a bid to secure a post-Brexit trade deal but talks have become deadlocked over fishing rights and regulatory alignment.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday Government sources claimed the chances of negotiations breaking down has risen to 80 percent.

One blamed German Chancellor Ms Merkel claiming she is “determined to make Britain crawl across broken glass”.

Mr Johnson and European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen are due to speak again on Sunday.

Whilst talks could in theory continue until Christmas the UK is insisting the EU makes concessions now if it wants a deal.

Britain formally left the EU at the end of January but remains in a Brexit transition period until the end of the year.

During this time the UK continues to be part of the European single market meaning it can trade without tariffs.

However it also has to pay into the EU budget and continue implementing many regulations made in Brussels.

Speaking to the Mail a Government source warned Britain is on the verge of a no deal.

This means significant tariffs will be placed on goods being brought and sold between the two blocs.

Mr Johnson has taken personal charge of the UK’s no-deal preparations via a new Whitehall “super-committee”.

This will work with an existing no deal preparation group managed by Michael Gove.

According to the Mail senior Tory donors have been urging Mr Johnson not to accept any extension to the transition period.

One source commented: “The worst thing in the world would be an extension.

“Most donors would say no to that. People just want to get out.

“They think we voted to leave the EU, and that Boris got his 80-seat majority because of leaving the EU.”

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has argued a no deal Brexit would be “a complete failure of statecraft”.

He tweeted: “There’s no point dressing it up as an Australian deal.

“It’s no deal and that would be a complete failure of statecraft.

“Boris Johnson promised a deal. He needs to get on and deliver it.”


Trump castigates Supreme Court, Barr as election challenges sputter – Daily Market News

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