Top 10 cryptocurrencies that have chances of disappearing before 2025

The advent of Cryptocurrencies was seen as a decent opportunity by many investors. They found an alternative investment option in Crypto where they could earn higher returns. Along with Bitcoin, many other fresh Cryptos are taking a huge share in every investor’s portfolio.

But, with the ongoing turmoil in the Crypto space, it seems that many coins have higher chances of disappearing. These coins will disappear forever if the present condition of the market prevails for a long time. Let’s see the tosp 10 Cryptocurrencies which may disappear soon and that too, before 2025! In addition, you may visit BitQZ to start your Bitcoin trading journey while improving your trading skills.

Top 10 Cryptocurrencies That Will Disappear

The Crypto industry has been going through a tough phase with FTXs destruction and the downfall of many coins. In this scenario, there is a high chance of some coins disappearing soon. Let’s dive into this blog and see the Cryptos that may no longer be available in the Crypto industry.

Shiba Inu:

The first coin on our list is Shiba Inu, which is a popular meme coin. But there has been a downfall in its price for quite a long time now. Also, the profits are of a minimal amount and will again move on into the bearish trend.

The fall in its rates is from over 5 months now. Experts are sharing that it might face a further fall in its rates soon. The holders of SHIB and its transactions are reducing as well. All these indicate that this coin will not survive the bearish trend for long.


We cannot forget Terra’s crash, which added to the turmoil of the market. It was at its highest point of 118 USD in April. Later, it became a complete zero by May. It will not be a surprise anymore if Terra disappears in the future.


Though launched by a well-known technical team, this platform will soon disappear. It was developed to secure your spending or savings. Zcash was known to provide one of the toughest security systems for Cryptos.


The Cryptocurrency market has to survive amidst volatility and uncertainties. But, not every coin can survive in this situation. With the fall of TerraUSD, the entire Cryptocurrency industry was in complete shock.

Also, its price fell below its target level of 1 USD. And, the native token of this platform is suffering a huge loss too!


This Crypto works to power a complete Blockchain ecosystem, which interoperates together. It operates on the PoS mechanism. The entire team of this platform has the main aim of preparing a network of all Blockchains. These networks will be able to carry out easy communication and that too, in a decentralized manner.

But, this coin is not in a condition at present. And soon you may no longer find this Crypto in the market.


This utility token is based on ERC-20 governance. You can use this coin in the APE network. As a user, you can also vote on how the fund of this ecosystem should be used.

But, this coin may soon disappear from the market. Adding it to your portfolio may not be a good decision at present.


In this network, you will experience faster transactions, which is possible through sharding. Also, it says itself to be the coin of the new internet. As this includes FinTech, IoT, DeFi, and much more.

With its token, EGLD, you can pay the network fees, rewards, and other activities. But, this coin is also unable to survive the current market conditions.


Different factors are preventing the growth of this coin. The present crash of the Crypto space can be one reason. Another major reason is the interruptions of FED. Also, tough competition in the market is affecting Cardano’s position in this space.


This is another famous coin that is unable to survive through the bearish trend of the present context. Investors are exiting this platform with the downfall of its price. Because its price is below by around 18% from its all-time high.


It is quite popular for its DeFi tokens and it tries to keep its trading options open for everyone. Also, it aims to offer a better trading experience, unlike traditional platforms.

But, Uniswap will be unable to make it through the bearish run of the market. And so, it has a high chance of disappearing.


All these 10 Cryptocurrencies are failing to keep up in the bearish market. These coins may disappear by 2025!

Shiba Inu: