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EURUSD: Bearish EUR/USD 26.01.2023

The EUR/USD pair has been trading in a tight range, with the bulls wanting the channel to continue but under a lot of selling pressure. The pair has been dropping since the start of the day and is currently trading around 1.09112. The market sentiment is bearish due to the mixed economic news and meetings that are scheduled today. The market is currently…


Yesterday we saw big swings during the news. In GBPUSD we saw a pullback off the support zone and a new high.It’s crucial now to see if this movement has the strength to continue.We’re looking at a new support zone that in the near hours we expect a reaction from. Upon another rise the goal will be 1,2315.The scenario fails on a breakout of 1,2087.

GBPUSD: Important news again

Today’s news will cause new movements and gives new trade opportunities.Over the past few days we’ve been looking at GBPUSD. Yesterday the price reached 1.2300 and made a new top. Thus, the expected movement after the news has been completed.Today we will look for another rise.Upon a breakout of 1,2315, the next resistance levels are 1,2370 & 1,2427.



BANKNIFTY CRUSH FOR HIDENBURG CASEAdani Group’s legal head Jatin Jalundhwala said Thursday: “We are evaluating relevant provisions under US and Indian laws for remedial and punitive action against Hindenburg.”This is the reason for fallNew Range 39600-40600

GBPCAD: gbpchf short

If we see the entry signal in this zone with the set loss limit, we will enter the matter of the degree of ascent, but keep in mind that this signal is used in the upper periods, so you must be patient enough, but if the goals are achieved, there will be a good profit. befor newsssssss

SFRX: $SFRX Long with price target of 2020 high 0.0179¢

Seafarer Exploration’s SeaSearcher drone is set to take the treasure-hunting world by storm The current SeaSearcher prototype, getting put to the test in FloridaAs any frequent viewer of the Discovery Channel will know, the search for sunken treasure typically involves sifting through the sand, just hoping to unearth gold or silver. The SeaSearcher underwater…

DOTUSDT: Decreasing volumes, weak buyer. Waiting for the fall

The coin, after a long growth, went on a correction, as a result, a horizontal support level of 5.92 was formed, confirmed by several touches. Currently, the coin is consolidating at this level, volumes are declining, which indicates the weakness of the buyer. I expect a breakdown of this level, consolidation under it and a decrease to the lower support levels.


This may come as a shock to all of you but we are at the lower end of the market historically, and we have begun to see the rapid decline of market trends.Long positions are being made which is why we are seeing such a short market to buy up all the great pricing for a swing to the 100s in the mid-year rise.this cycle will place us in new market highs pretty soon.


NZDUSD TRADING BULLISH on this analysis we saw a bigger pattern from previous correction and then price broke-out from the large correction and form a continuation correction to continue the trend #WHAT AM I EXPECTING:am waiting for a continuation pattern around 2 reaction zone #HOW DO WE ENTER:if continuation pattern form get in on the break of ltf…

BTCUSDT.P: Bitcoin Scalping Signal for Day Trading

🖥️ We have determined there is a 70% chance Bitcoin will RISE from our current entry point.📉 LONG – BTC : $16,855 📉💵 Length of trade: we are expecting BTC to hit a $200 scalp, with a high end of $300 – minimum expectation $125.🕰️ Duration of trade: we are expecting BTC to try and retouch today’s top, and then possibly continue its way up still till…

GBPUSD: GBPUSD before the big news!

Today we expect US inflation (CPI) data to be released. This is some of the most important news right now, and it’s making a big impact.Regardless of the values, we expect big fluctuations at the time of publication!Anyone who does not have experience and prefers more relaxed trading is recommended to just watch the movements!We have identified the…

ES1!: How the ES has reacted to EIA Petroleum Status Reports

EIA Petroleum Status Reports are considered high-impact news, yet how much do they impact ES futures?In the 30 minutes after it gets reported at 10:30am ET, here’s how ES has reacted the last 5 times: Jan 4: 14.75-point range, closing up 0.21% after 30 minutes Dec 28: 11.5-point range, closing up 0.25% after 30 minutes Dec 21: 12-point range, closing…


broke structure london session structure broke above and supporting above support and trendlinegoing up to 1h resistance area


GBP/USD, 4HIn my opinion, the bearish engulfing pattern isn’t exhausted yet! the higher the timeframe it was spotted, the farther the BEARS go!Only a high impact will push the price pass block -A by retesting trendline -XBut our best bet is for price to retest block-A and head straight to block -B

USDOLLAR: DOW - NFP + Monthly low = ?

FX:USDOLLAR Totally uneducated assumption but with the pandemic and recession I’d assume NFP will come back negative but who knows maybe that would encourage/force people to work to pay for increased living expenses due to inflation and rate hikes. Also the fact that people working multiple jobs for sperate companies count as a point for each job they work. 10x…


SignaNo.1✳️✳️Buy Eur/Jpy @ 140.68Tp – 142.00 & 142.80Sl – 140.10


SAXO:XAUUSD English: Hey, trader! Here we have the XAUUSD in the 4h time frame. I’m looking for a short opportunity. I’ll look for a move up to 1819 to the resistance zone and then enter a short trade with the strength of the dollar. There is one important news in the afternoon tomorrow. So be careful! Theis news can change the direction of the chart very…

EURUSD: EURUSD move out the box

FX:EURUSD English: Hey, trader! Here we have the EURUSD in the 4h time frame.I delated every trendline,fib,sup,res. I’m just looking for a move out the Box and then try find e retest move to the box and then take an entry. There is one important news in the afternoon tomorrow. So be careful! Theis news can change the direction of the chart very quickly!…