Hit by Covid crisis, pilot finds work as online English teacher

Hit by Covid crisis, pilot finds work as online English teacher

With the Covid-19 contagion rendering about 2.6 million Filipinos out of work due to the temporary stoppage of business operations, home-based online jobs have become a viable source of income for … COVID-19 has taught us we cannot survive without retail workers. How do we make these jobs more attractive? Getting guns off the street is somewhat a moot point. You have to get the shooters off the street. Jaylen Brown might not be the primary option in Boston’s offense, but that could be to the Celtics’ benefit come playoff time. « Dating websites on the internet for seniors reviews for folks

With the Covid-19 contagion rendering about 2.6 million Filipinos out of work due to the temporary stoppage of business operations, home-based online jobs have become a viable source of income for workers affected by the crisis.

One of those who have been sidelined by the pandemic is Xandra Hill, who found her career as a professional pilot in limbo as travel restrictions meant that the travel industry was put on a standstill.

“As a pilot, the world literally stopped for me because of the suspension of work, which was my main source of income. I had to look for alternative means to earn and sustain my family’s daily necessities. That’s how I found 51Talk,” said Hill, referring to an online English tutoring site that caters to the Chinese market.

Hill, a graduate of psychology in college, said her family felt proud that she was able to be productive during the quarantine people while helping people in a different kind of way.

“To those looking for a job in these trying times, I strongly recommend teaching at 51Talk. You can earn in the comfort and safety of your own homes, anytime. All you need is a computer, a good Internet connection, and a heart that is willing to serve other people through teaching,” she said.

Being an online English teacher can be very rewarding. In 2019, the average monthly salary in the Philippines was P50,600 and online English teachers may earn more than this amount per month, depending on their number of classes.

51Talk, which has been around since 2011, has been promoting this home-based online English teaching opportunity. The company connects its 20,000 English teachers to Chinese students using its proprietary technology called Air Class to deliver live and one-on-one lessons.

Zeeryl Vivi, a licensed professional teacher from Bacolod City, has been teaching with 51Talk for two years now. Vivi said her earnings have increased during the pandemic because her students are mostly staying at home.

“I continued to earn from home despite the quarantine restrictions. I actually realized that I was earning more than usual and I was able to provide for my family’s needs. This home-based opportunity really helped us a lot,” she said.

Despite initial reservations, the company said more people are coming to appreciate online freelance opportunities that are flexible yet stable and sustainable. “My family is really thankful that I was able to contribute even more during this time. My dad was not able to receive his salary for two months and I was able to cover some of the bills that we have here at home,” added Vivi.

In the case of Trixie Laura, she worked as a production staff in an advertising company before she joined 51Talk. Having no background in teaching, she said it was quite challenging at first because teaching was far from what she was used to doing.

But she was able to attend the company’s free training sessions that equipped her with the necessary teaching skills that allowed her to make the shift to online teaching. “This livelihood opportunity helped me discover new skills and has eased my anxiety as I get to earn and keep myself busy,” explained Laura.

Even during the pandemic, 51Talk said it continued to hire and promote home-based online English teaching through digital conferences, webinars, and social media campaigns.

“Everyone has seen, especially in the past three months, that earning a livelihood from home is not just possible but also sustainable and profitable. Business processes like meetings and interviews can all be carried out virtually with the aid of technology. We have been doing this for nine years now and as you can see, our teachers are able to earn and be safe as they continue to teach from home with 51Talk.” said 51Talk founder and CEO Jack Huang.

“If the pandemic affected your job, then 51Talk can offer you a new option. There has probably never been a better time than right now to teach English online,” Huang said.

The company said the Chinese market for foreign English teachers has grown massively over the past decade, and it shows no sign of slowing down. In China, all children from age seven are required by law to learn English and most parents enroll their children earlier than this, even as young as two years old because they want their children to gain an advantage in a highly competitive environment. This means there is a very bright future for the online ESL (English as second language) industry in the Philippines to meet this increasing demand from China.

According to Huang, beyond the livelihood opportunity and English language education his platform provides, 51Talk has become a bridge that promotes cooperation and understanding between the Philippines and China with its thousands of Filipino teachers interacting with and educating Chinese children daily.

“We are very proud to serve as a bridge to further educational and cultural exchanges between the two peoples through language education. May this strengthen the bond and friendship between us,” said Huang.

Source: newsbytes.ph

Author: By Newsbytes.PH on 2020-07-04

Retail workers are essential. Here's how Arizona can make this work more attractive

Retail workers are essential. Here’s how Arizona can make this work more attractive

In grocery stores, hardware stores, warehouses and other workplaces across the country, previously unheralded workers have kept us fed and equipped with necessities, often at their own risk.

More than 234,000 people work in retail in metro Phoenix making it this area’s third-largest employment sector. Retail contributes about the same to the gross state product as manufacturing, finance or health care.

Recognition of the value of front-line workers was already growing before the pandemic struck. Last fall, the influential Business Roundtable updated its mission statement, which for two decades held that its members’ primary purpose was increasing shareholder value. The new statement takes a wider view.

“Americans deserve an economy that allows each person to succeed through hard work and creativity and lead a life of meaning and dignity,” the revised statement says. “This starts with compensating (employees) fairly and providing important benefits. It also includes supporting them through training and education that help develop new skills for a rapidly changing world.”

Significantly, the leaders of companies with an Arizona presence, including Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Home Depot, Macy’s, Target, Walgreens and Walmart, were among the 181 CEOs who signed the statement. The Center for the Future of Arizona works with a number of them to increase economic security and career mobility for front-line retail workers.

Because retail jobs are often undervalued by employers and employees, retailers experience high employee turnover. The signatories to the Business Roundtable statement understand it does not have to be this way.

A well-trained and educated workforce can benefit companies and employees. How? Happier and supported employees are more likely to stay, which also happens to provide a better return on investment for employers.

Many of us had our first jobs in retail or food service – mine was as a waitress. I learned how to work as part of a team, communicate, relate to restaurant patrons, managers and kitchen staff, multitask and work under pressure.

If you are in retail or had your first job in retail, think about the skills you learned and how they serve you today.

The human potential that resides in our army of front-line workers is tremendous. Imagine what unleashing that potential could mean for the individuals or for the workforce if we were more intentional about recognizing and developing their skills. Imagine the difference it could make between a high-turnover job and a career path.

How do we transform words and commitments on paper into reality? How can we transform high-turnover jobs into a foundation for building a career, whether in retail or elsewhere?

  • Training and education are vital. Workers need to be trained how to do their jobs, but that’s just a start. Soft skills are even more important. Workers need access to tuition assistance programs rather than tuition reimbursement benefits to decrease the financial barrier to access programs. 
  • Businesses committed to the goals of the Business Roundtable statement can turn to a new resource created by the Aspen Institute. Its Jobs Quality Tools Library includes checklists, instructions and guidelines to help business leaders strengthen job quality. Another great resource is the MIT Sloan Good Companies, Good Jobs initiative, which provides a framework for what “good” looks like. 
  • Employers can do more to make sure workers know about available resources. People at the lower end of the pay scale often face issues with transportation or child care – a single emergency can put them into a tailspin. Yet in these stressful situations, they’re often on their own to find help so they can get to work. Many organizations offer Employee Assistance Programs as a benefit, but usage is low because of lack of knowledge about the benefit or shame in using it.

I’ve even heard of workers afraid to call in sick out of fear they’ll lose their jobs – in a state where sick time has been required at all businesses since 2017.

That employees don’t know this is a reflection on their employers. Managers need to do a better job of making sure their workers know what help is available to them.

Indeed, it’s in their interest to do so. Starbucks offers an example. The company pays for its baristas to earn an online degree through Arizona State University, knowing that employees may not stay after earning their college degree. Offering the benefit, though, makes Starbucks an attractive place to work.

Managers have their choice of smart, ambitious people to hire, who become highly motivated employees. This is enlightened self-interest.

With unemployment rates in double digits due to COVID-19, many workforce training organizations have become overwhelmed.

Face-to-face training has largely been shut down. It will return, but Goodwill, Chicanos Por La Causa and [email protected] career centers haven’t missed a beat and are offering online training. Others should follow their lead.

Changes at the federal and state level could also strengthen worker protections. Supporting workforce housing, building more robust safety net systems, expanding training programs and similar steps would put real meaning into the term “essential worker.”

Much of this would need to come through the federal government. But there’s no reason Arizona can’t again be a leader, as it was in requiring sick leave and raising the minimum wage.

Public attitudes about jobs and occupations are changing because of COVID-19. We learned that we cannot survive without retail workers and other essential employees.

Someone is stocking grocery shelves for us. Someone is transporting goods from warehouses to the stores where we shop. Someone is sanitizing all these facilities. Someone is helping customers find the goods they need.

This is essential work. Our actions going forward should reflect this newly appreciated reality.

Sybil Francis is president and CEO of the Center for the Future of Arizona, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that brings Arizonans together to build a stronger and brighter future for our state.

Source: www.azcentral.com

Numbers are not the only way to measure good police work

Numbers are not the only way to measure good police work

In an article last week on police morale, Mayor Lori Lightfoot touted that morale is good because during a 10-day period in June, CPD took 600 guns off the street.

That’s the first thing that destroys police morale — the fact that the mayor and the top brass try to “quantify” crime based on mere metrics. How many guns did you seize? How many stops did you make? How many traffic tickets did you write? Ludicrous.

Here’s my question to them: If CPD seized 600 guns, are there close to 600 arrests to go with them? There had better be. Because guns, an inanimate object, can be replaced by the bad guys, who will just continue the mayhem. So, how many arrests were made? What were the charges? How many arrestees were convicted felons, on probation or parole, on home monitoring or habitual offenders?

Getting guns off the street is somewhat a moot point. You have to get the shooters off the street. And with a growing animosity from all sides toward police and police work, that’s not about to happen soon. So the cycle of violence will continue.

In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for those arrest numbers.

Robert Stasch, retired CPD lieutenant, O’Hare

SEND LETTERS TO: [email protected] Please include your neighborhood or hometown and a phone number for verification purposes.

To some Americans: I am ashamed of you. You ignore and mock caring about others. You live as though your freedom does not include responsibility and sacrifice. You act like self-serving adolescents instead of mature adults who reason and act according to science and with the capacity to learn and understand.

Those of you who will not respectfully wear masks and implement social distancing are potentially dooming others to suffering and death. Those of you who support a do-nothing-except-for-self person as president seem to think you are still in the school cafeteria, wanting to join the bullies. You have watched your country become isolated from the rest of the world.

The so-called President dreams of being a dictator. But in the United States, that will never happen because we can speak out and vote, and because some Americans believe in our country and celebrate our potential even though our president, his administration and this virus leave us very little to celebrate.

With this virus, where has your concern for someone other than yourself gone? Help one another. Pay it forward. Make us whole again as a caring, responsible and devoted nation filled with respectful differences and the pride in being an American.

Please — wear a mask, practice social distance and take our country back by voting in November.

Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow, Lakeview

Facebook plans to build an $800 million data center in DeKalb. I would like to know if Facebook Vice President Rachel Peterson ever considered the West or South Side of Chicago for this center?

These areas have access to the same qualities that DeKalb offers, and more.

Michael Lorenzi, Oak Park

Source: chicago.suntimes.com

Author: Letters to the Editor

How Jaylen Brown’s role can work to the Boston Celtics’ advantage

How Jaylen Brown’s role can work to the Boston Celtics’ advantage

When Kevin Durant departed Golden State for Brooklyn and Kawhi Leonard opted against pairing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the NBA entered into uncharted territory for the betterment of its competitive balance.

Big threes had become all the rage in the superteam era before dynamic duos usurped them as the must-have to compete for a championship.

LeBron and AD. Kawhi and Paul George. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid. Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

It’s no coincidence that each of their respective teams were among the prohibitive favorites heading into this season, boasting a level of top-tier talent that’s been a proven recipe for title contention.

And with Kemba Walker and Jayson Tatum, the Boston Celtics weren’t lagging too far behind, but aren’t currently at the level of stardom of the NBA’s most elite.

Jaylen Brown might not top Boston’s two All-Stars and leading scorers in the offensive hierarchy, but his contributions could give the C’s a leg up on the postseason competition.

Consider the unofficial third options on every Eastern Conference contender likely to stand in the Celtics’ way of a potential Finals run.

Whether it’s Eric Bledsoe, Tobias Harris, Fred VanVleet or even Goran Dragic, how many can legitimately take control of the offense of a postseason game then go and shoot 47.4 percent from the corners as Brown has this season?

Few across the NBA landscape can rotate between an off-ball role and offensive focal point over the course of a season much less in the middle of a game, but Brown has done so without a hiccup.

Notice in the sequence below how Brown never leaves the right corner, allowing the gravity of a Walker/Theis two-man game to eventually free him for an open look beyond the arc.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

It’s important for Brown to be a capable floor spacer alongside two players inside the top-20 in usage rate. Only the Houston Rockets, LA Clippers, and Los Angeles Lakers can claim such a duo, and they assuredly surround them with plenty of perimeter shooting.

Brown is converting 38.1 percent of his 5.6 3-pointers a game, including a sparkling 41.9 percent mark on 3.9 nightly catch-and-shoot attempts.

When the playoffs arrive, however, defenses will do their best to trap both Walker and Tatum and force Boston’s non-All-Stars to beat them. Those are the moments for Brown to step a bit closer into the spotlight and impose his will in ways not many other third options can.

In this clip against the same Dallas team, the presence of both Maxi Kleber and Seth Curry forces Walker to give the ball up to Brown, who needs just two dribbles to get to the basket and finish over three Mavericks.

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

CelticsBlog’s very own Coach Spins broke down Brown’s effectiveness with this rip-through move here. Per Coach, “his ability to thrive in quickly-attacking closeouts is what allows him to get open and maximize his shooting and finishing ability at the rim.”

Nearly 30 percent of Brown’s field-goal attempts have come after 3-6 dribbles, second-most in his arsenal only to his spot-up looks. He’s shooting 49.3 percent on such attempts, where improved handles help him create something from nothing as seen here:

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

He is without a doubt a notch below Walker and Tatum at the offensive end, but the C’s are still the only team with three players averaging no fewer than 20.0 points a game. Brad Stevens can turn to either Tatum or Kemba but not fret when they’re forced to give it up.

Among players with a similar shot profile — north of 15 field goal, five 3-point, and four free-throw attempts per game — Brown has the eighth-best true shooting percentage, higher than both his All-Star teammates.

“Yes, Brown has been the beneficiary of the newfound attention that Tatum is drawing,” explained NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg. “But he’s had moments where he’s simply taken the baton, too.”

With Kemba sidelined in a late February game against the Utah Jazz, Brown showed off his chops as the focal point of the offense. Tatum exited the third quarter with just over five minutes remaining and the Celtics down one. Over the next 2:36, Brown assisted a Marcus Smart triple while scoring 10 of Boston’s next 12, putting them up six.

A dynamic duo can take a team quite far during a time in the NBA where Big Threes have, for the most part, come and gone. It’s why Boston is an intriguing bet to compete for the Eastern Conference crown. Brown rounding out an elite trio for the Celtics–more than any other conference foe–could make the possibility of that reality even more likely.

Source: www.celticsblog.com

Author: daniellubofsky

40 Foolproof First Date Questions That Work Each Time – Online Bari

40 Foolproof First Date Questions That Work Each Time – Online Bari

40 Foolproof First Date Questions That Work Each Time

No key here—dating could be a pain that is real. Nothing’s more nerve-wracking when compared to a first date, particularly with somebody you barely understand. And even though, yes, times are supposed to be a precursor to a genuine relationship, very very very first times may also be mini-interviews disguised as social outings, it or not whether we like to admit. That’s why figuring away things to speak about beforehand with a listing of good date that is first and discussion beginners can be so crucial.

A way that is foolproof make sure that discussion can be moving is always to merely pose a question to your date things, although—given the reality that we never understand just just how comfortable other people are with casual conversation—that could be easier said than done. The key to successfully vetting a possibility for a date that is first while simultaneously keeping the power light and enjoyable, is once you understand exactly just what concerns to inquire of and exactly how to inquire about them. For example, work, his / her family members, hobbies, pop music tradition, and favorite music are all surefire bets. Four things not to ask her or him about for a date that is first? Politics, faith, exes, and income. Too serious, too fast!

If you’re savvy, you’ll recognize that specific questions–even the standard ones—have the capability to inform a great deal about someone. Right Here, we’ve divided your hypothetical very first date into five stages and advised a number of concerns to inquire about your date during each.

These date that is first are fundamental primers, the people to inquire of once you’ve stated hello, and settled in somewhere comfortable. Certain, they’re form of snoozy, but they’ll set the tone for the date, and provide you with things that are immediate speak about: “Oh, you went along to Notre Dame? So did my relative! ”

1. Where do you turn, and how very long are you carrying it out?

2. Where have you been initially from?

3. Where do you visit college?

4. The thing that was your major?

5. Where precisely would you are now living in insert your town or city right right here?

Now you’ve gotten the primers taken care of, it is time for you to get yourself a tad more particular. Concerns throughout the drink that is first be the same mixture of curious and casual, and may permit you to begin gauging their real character. Exactly what are their needs and wants, exactly exactly what have you got in keeping, so what does he/she do inside their free time?

6. Just exactly What can you choose to do whenever you’re no longer working?

7. Are you currently a lot more of a television individual, or can you choose films?

8. With respect to the answer that is above ask just what they’re viewing, or exactly exactly what they’ve seen recently.

9. What sort of music have you been into?

10. Maybe you have traveled anywhere cool lately/do any trips are had by you approaching?

11. Have you read any good publications recently?

It off, it’s time to start slipping in some slightly more personal questions, while making sure neither of you feel compelled to reveal too much if you and your date are really starting to hit. Several of those relevant questions might appear ridiculous in the beginning, nevertheless they can be extremely telling. They’ll also further loosen the both of you up and certainly will induce some funny, entertaining conversation.

12. Will you be a pet individual or your pet dog individual?

13. If you could just consume a very important factor for your whole life, exactly what would it not be?

14. Do any nicknames are had by you?

15. If you won the lottery the next day, what’s the very first thing you’d purchase?

16. Do any siblings are had by you?

17. In the event that you could possibly be anybody for per day, that would it is?

18. What’s your biggest animal peeve?

19. Tea or coffee?

20. Where else could you give consideration to residing?

21. Are you because sick and tired of KimYe (or any other celebrity few) when I have always been?

22. Do your moms and dads nevertheless inhabit the homely home you spent my youth in?

23. What’s on the bucket list?

24. Are you currently a person or a night person morning?

25. Do you prepare?

26. Can you such as your work? Exactly exactly What do you wish to do next?

27. What’s your social life like? Are you asian mail order bride experiencing a big number of friends?

28. Can you consider yourself career-driven?

29. Exactly what are you many passionate about?

30. When’s your birthday celebration?

Time for you seal the deal—the last few minutes of a romantic date are very important to be sure a 2nd date happen. If you were to think things went well, don’t forget to allow him or her recognize. The questions that are final easily transition you from the date while subtly implying that you’d be down seriously to hook up once again.

31. Could I split the seek the advice of you? Okay, may I at the very least keep the tip?

32. Exactly exactly How is work interested in you this week?

33. Did you such as this place?

34. Are you experiencing any enjoyable plans for the remainder week-end?

35. Have you got a busy week coming up?

36. Exactly just How will you be getting house?

This period is tricky, and really should simply be reserved if you’re really experiencing vibes that are strong. If you’re confident, ask if he or she wish to carry on the date someplace else. Recommend a (PG-rated! ) alternative closing towards the evening in place of just going your split means after products or supper.

37. There’s this bar that is cool understand around here. Would you like to go grab a glass or two?

38. Would like to get coffee/dessert following this elsewhere?

39. My friend’s really having an event a few obstructs away, do you really want to drop by?

40. What exactly are we doing following this?

A form of this informative article had been initially posted in 2016.

Source: onlinebari.com

Hit by Covid crisis, pilot finds work as online English teacher

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