Why is bitcoin crashing today

why is bitcoin crashing today

Dropping below that level is usually an indication that bitcoin will suffer even heavier losses. This comment has been deleted. Please enter a valid password.


As usual, when Bitcoin fell all the major alt-coins followed suit. And in the murky world of semi-regulated crypto markets, catalysts for the sharp price volatility can be hard to pinpoint. A common theme emerged — the ongoing dispute among Bitcoin Cash BCH developers which led to a hard fork crxshing the currency on Friday. The new dispute is between BCH developers why is bitcoin crashing today want to add new protocols, and those who would rather keep it largely the. Reportedly, both sides are now furiously mining blocks on their respective blockchains to establish control. The groups involved in the Bitcoin Cash dispute “have been around for a long time” and crashign have significant crypto holdings at their disposal, he said.

Bitcoin’s cycle of boom and bust will not stop

why is bitcoin crashing today
Cryptocurrency investors and supporters experienced quite a shock last week with the latest Bitcoin crash. Almost every single one of top cryptocurrencies trading in the red. The event was unexpected and all cryptos, with the exception of a handful of stablecoins, lost a large part of their value. After the initial shock, a lot of investors started wondering and researching the new crash. The main question still remains: Why did this happen? While this is more than understandable, especially considering how much money, time, and patience people have invested in crypto, the reasons behind the new crash remain obscure to many.

Bitcoin Price Recovers Above $7,000 But Markets Shiver in ‘Extreme Fear’

As the price keeps falling, more and more investors are losing confidence and jumping ship. As a result, this only pushes the price down even lower, thereby causing the cycle to continue. As with all market crashes, not just cryptocurrency, fear is the strongest emotion.

As the price of bitcoin keeps crashing, todzy are you going to do? Are you going to take your money and run, or are you going to hold on for dear life? There are hundreds if not thousands of other people just like 50 Cent who own hundreds of bitcoins all over the world. Why is bitcoin crashing today possible explanation as to why bitcoin is crashing might have to do with the news from South Korea. When South Korea announced a plan to possibly ban all cryptocurrency exchanges in their country, bitcoin took a serious nose dive: it never fully recovered.

Perhaps this news, and the subsequent sell-off, was enough to unnerve some bitcoin investors. Given that the sell-off was caused by a rumor of banning cryptocurrency, and then this rumor was later proven to be false, it seems bizarre that bitcoin is trading lower than it was before the rumor. Investors are panicking and trying to unload their bitcoins, without a valid reason other iis that the price is inexplicably falling. Since investors are panicking, there is defiantly ctashing profit opportunity admits the chaos and panic.

It seems so illogical. Why would you want to buy something that is going down in price? Well, eventually, bitcoin will rebound. Blockchain technology has not disappeared, nations have not announced bans, and the supply of bitcoin has not increased. The reverse split in GBTC did not affect its value, as reverse splits never do. This is basically what the managers of GBTC did. They increased the number of shares and lowered the price on a to-1 ratio.

This is good news for investors who like to trade stocks in blocks of or 1, Before, it was very difficult to buy GBTC because of how expensive it was; often times we could only buy 4 or kkr stock shares at a time. Although it may not seem like it right now, bitcoin will almost certainly rebound at some point.

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